Friday… and a new umbrella

It’s Friday! If that isn’t the best news I’ve heard all week, I’m not sure what is.

Today’s been a pretty usual Friday so far, though I must say it’s flying by! We were woken up early by the garbage trucks. It feels like every day is garbage day in Jersey City. Thankfully, they’ve stopped coming at 3 am and are instead now coming around  6, which means we only lose a few minutes of sleep before our standard 6:30 wake up. Miles is still not a fan of the garbage trucks. I guess cats are not expected to react well to loud screeching metal, and I can’t really blame him, but he’s finally stopped waking us up to indignantly remind us just how much he doesn’t like them.

I intended to beat the garbage monsters (the loud trucks and dumpsters, not the garbage men of course) at their own game this morning by waking up at 5:30 to get a workout in, but after our “easy 5 miler” last night… lol no. I had grand visions of getting in a morning spin bike/weight lifting session, but that run took it out of me, and the gym just wasn’t calling my name this morning. I don’t think our half marathon training plan is necessarily getting harder; I just think the steadily increasing weekly mileage is starting to wear on my old bones.

The run my dearest and I went on yesterday was actually probably one of the best of the year so far. The unseasonably mild temperatures (almost 60 degrees!) made for a totally comfortable 5 miles along the waterfront. I have to give it to Chris too, he’s really developed such a positive attitude about training for our April half. It was him who got me out the door last night!

We both crashed pretty hard after our run though and awoke to a drastic weather change. Suddenly, it’s chilly and raining. It’s hard to complain as it is still February in New Jersey, but at least a small part of me was hoping the weather would  be here to stay.

My dearest handed me a new umbrella before we parted ways for work. I honestly don’t know where they come from as I’m certain we broke our last three (yes, we carry an extra to work in the event that one breaks) during a particularly epic rainstorm a few weeks back, and I can’t remember buying new ones. I’ve told him before that I won’t use it because trying to walk down the cattle chute to the PATH train with an umbrella is a fool’s errand, but he insisted I stay warm and dry because he’s just wonderful like that, so he made me take it. I hope it’s ready to meet its maker as umbrellas don’t last long here.

We’ve got a fun-busy Friday ahead of us. Chris is meeting me for some long overdue after work drinks with my work crew then we have dinner plans with friends we haven’t seen in a while. While I wish it weren’t raining, I’m still excited for the night (and weekend!) ahead of us.

Oh and we’re expecting 40-50 mph winds tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to document some brilliant umbrella carnage.

Hope your weekend is fun-busy, fun-lazy, or whatever makes you happiest!


If you could live in a different city than your current one, but everything else remained the same (same job, friends, home, same distance from loved ones), which city would you live in? 

– Before I moved to Jersey City, I knew nothing about it, and now I can’t imagine living anywhere else. If I had to pick though, I’d be torn between Chicago for its culture or Charlotte for the temperate weather year round.


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