February wrap up and March goals

I still can’t believe we made it to March without our typical devastating New Jersey winter. I’m in awe, but I’m pleased.

I set some goals for 2012, and I’ve been tracking their progress month by month. I’ll post my progress as well as any new goals that evolve as time goes by.

My goals for this year were:

  • Complete 12 random acts of kindness- Do unexpected nice things for the people I love, so they know they are loved all year round.
  • Pay off my car- As of October 2012, I will be a first time car owner!! We call it Mighty Mouse
See the resemblance
  • Donate 24 hours of my time- Volunteering used to be a huge part of my life in high school and college, but since I started working, it’s fallen by the wayside. I always loved the way it enriched my life, so that’s something I really want to get back to.
  • Run 2 half marathons- I just really want to!
  • Learn 3 new skills- These can be anything really. I just want to keep my brain sharp
  • Read 12 books
I know some of the goals seem a little piddling, but there’s no point in setting goals that are unattainable. Setting yourself up for failure just makes you feel like a failure, and no one wants that. I prefer setting goals I know are challenging but achievable. Nothing beats that sense of accomplishment.

Here’s how I’ve done to date:

  • I’ve actually already completed 6 random acts. Surprising the people you love is pretty awesome, and I sort of got on a roll with it. I’m definitely not stopping at 12.
  • The car is being paid, slowly but surely.
  • I totally failed at volunteering this month. I found an organization called New York Cares that seemed like a great place to start, so I completed their New Volunteer Orientation earlier in the month, but February escaped me before I was able to sign up for anything. I’m already looking to March though.
  • I didn’t run any half marathons yet, but I did run 82 miles in January and February. I’m hoping to run 50 in March.
  • I learned two chords of guitar, but I don’t think that’s enough to classify as a skill yet.
  • I read 1 book (that’s so sad) but to be fair I’ve been reading Atlas Shrugged which is like 1100 pages long for the last few months, and it’s really time consuming. I’m hoping to finish it in March. I should count it as 3 books, but I won’t.

I’ve also given myself the goals of staying within my budget for March, going to the gym 5 days a week (any more and my body starts to fall apart), and taking more pictures. I have a good feeling about this month. Spring is always a great time to achieve some goals.


What goals have you set for yourself? How to you keep yourself accountable?


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