Friday Favorites- 3/2

Happy Friday! This day could not get here quickly enough this week. I’m counting the hours until I leave for Florida, but here are some things I’m loving this Friday.

Food I’ve got to make soon

Most Brilliant Idea

Picture I need in my house

I need this yesterday

True story: I’m obviously not a strict vegetarian by anyone’s standards, but in high school I decided I needed a pet pig in my life, and I never ate pork again. I haven’t eaten it since. Chris says it’s unrealistic for us to get a 300lb pot belly pig while we live in our Jersey City apartment (crazy right?) yet he also informed me yesterday that it was National Pig Day so I’m pretty sure that means he changed his mind on the matter, so I already put in a reservation with a pig rescue group. Our little piglet should be arriving in4-6 weeks 😉 Happy Friday folks!


If space and domestication were not issues, what pet would you get?


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites- 3/2

    • There are mini pigs, but sadly I was kidding about the pig. One day when there’s more space, there will most definitely be a pig in my life. For now, it’s just us and the cat 🙂

  1. OK deal, you can have the 300 pound pig. But then I get to bring in 300 pounds of guitar equipment, camera lenses, and maybe a few computers. Capisce?????

    • You got a deal! We’re really towing the line on this whole Hoarders thing though, huh? I hope our downstairs neighbors don’t mind when our apartment collapses from the extra weight of 600 pounds of pork, music and technology.


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