Wednesday Eats and 1/2 Priced Starbucks

Starting my week on Tuesday really threw me off yesterday, so I totally forgot to capture everything I ate. Luckily, I plan many of my eats ahead of time, so I can offer you a sneak preview of today’s eats!

I still didn’t have time to go to the supermarket, but I did pick up some essentials for this morning’s breakfast

On deck was Puffins cereal and coffee with vanilla soy milk. Multigrain puffins are hands-down my favorite “fancy” cereal. I think of them as fancy because I have to get them at Whole Foods. They don’t sell them at Target, and that’s fancy for me.

Lunch is easy today because it’s leftovers from last night’s yummy takeout

It’s delicious grilled chicken and broccoli rate with garlic and oil over brown rice. I get it 100% of the time when we order takeout and it’s always the right choice.

Snacks are the same as last week

Craisins and almonds. Can’t get enough.

Dinner is not pictured because I haven’t made it yet, but as long as I get to the supermarket tonight, it should follow my weekly schedule.

I think we’ve got a birthday at work today, so there will likely be cake. It probably won’t be gluten free, but I’ll try and take some pics anyway.

In other news, I got a glorious email last night reminding me that buy one get one half off Starbucks is back!

Starting tomorrow, if you buy a Starbucks espresso drink before 11 and bring your receipt back after 2, you can get half off any other espresso beverage. Sign me up! It’s sort of a shame because I really like the taste (and price) of Dunkin Donuts coffee best, but I also like a lot of milk in my coffee. Dunkin has yet to jump on the soy milk bandwagon, so my loyalties belong to the ‘Bucks. I tend to like different coffees in the morning and afternoon, so this little deal works well for me. Mornings are usually soy lattes (full caff) and afternoons are usually something a little sweeter like caramel macchiatos (half caff) both with soy milk of course. What will you get with this deal?

Last night I also ordered something I’ve been wanting to get for a while now. I ordered a foam roller!

I got to use one twice a week while in physical therapy for my IT band. It was amazing. Unfortunately, my gym doesn’t have one. I saw them at Target, but they retailed for like $30, which seems like a lot for a piece of foam. Luckily, I found one on Amazon for half the price, so I snapped it up. My aching muscles are so excited to be rolled, and Miles is excited for the box. It’s essential for his space mission.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Eats and 1/2 Priced Starbucks

  1. Puffins are my favorite discovery of the year so far! I was able to find them at my Target, so hopefully they’ll come to your Target soon!


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