Friday Favorites- 3/9

Happy Friday!! Today is actually sort of a come down after yesterday’s beautiful weather to fully take advantage of last night’s warm temps, Chris and I decided to go on a bike ride. It’s the first time we’ve taken the bikes out since an unusually nice day in January, and it felt glorious! We biked about 8 miles (my Garmin didn’t kick in right away so I’m not sure exactly) along the Jersey City waterfront and into Hoboken.

They’re a bit blurry as we took them while on moving bikes. I joked with Chris that I would blog, “And then we ended up in the emergency room” and it turns out we were right next to Hoboken’s emergency center. We made it ok though. It’s fun to run at night. Biking is a little scarier, but I still got some fun nighttime shots.

We came back from our night ride in one piece (well two separate pieces really) and starving! I deviated from this week’s meal plan a bit as I forgot to defrost the turkey #dinnerfail, so I made the planned Shrimp and Veggie Stirfry with Fried Brown Rice.

It came together really quickly and was pretty delicious too!

After dinner we made sure to catch our favorite current show (the only show we watch in real time other than The Bachelor of course) Parks and Recreation. I just can’t get enough Leslie Knope.

After that we crashed, but I’m still tired. You better believe I’ll be catching up on some serious sleep and relaxing with Chris and Miles this weekend.

For now, I’m absolutely hitting up Starbuck’s for my morning latte. I’ll be cashing in on my half-priced mocha later too!

Here’s some things currently making me happy this Friday.

Gluten Free Rice Krispie Treats I think if you replaced the regular rice krispies with the gluten free kind, you’d be good to go.

Spring Artichoke Salad Spring means the return of cold veggie salads on warm nights and that means a happy Kate.

Banana Berry Smoothie Nothing really special about this I guess. I’ve just been craving smoothies something awful lately. Maybe after my long run??

Simple Motivational Poster It’s true.

How-to True story: This apartment is the first I’ve lived in in 6 years with a garbage disposal and it scared me too much to use it for the first week.

Outfit My closet is all white, black, blue or gray anyway, so this is perfect for me.

Blog Related The day Miles finds out he’s been plastered all over the web will be a rough day in our household.

Thing that Made Me Laugh for Too Long Truly, I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t paid attention to politics enough to have an informed opinion yet, but Chris knows that if Mr. Burns were a candidate I’d vote for him 1000 times out of 1000.

Picture to Guilt Chris into Agreeing to Us Getting a Dog Um. I need dis. Did it work?

Animal to Request in Lieu of a Dog Should Above Picture Fail  feel like if I throw out enough exotic animals like last week’s pig, my never ending request for a dog will seem less ridiculous.

Summer Activity to Look Forward Too CAMPING! I haven’t been camping in years, but I will go this year. I will!

Home to Dream About

Possible DIY  Someday…


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