Friday fun and great mail

Home at last. Now, the Friday fun can really begin. As we were returning from our bike ride last night, we rode past John’s, a neighborhood pizza place we’ve not yet tried, and Chris said, “You know what I miss? Pizza.” Being gluten and dairy free, pizza is sort of a rarity in this home. I actually don’t really miss pizza at all. Going gluten free I thought I’d miss pizza and bagels the most (pasta would have made that list too if there weren’t such great gfree options), and I did for a few weeks. Then I just forgot about them. I guess I worked hard to fill that void and now I crave other things (like peanut butter banana smoothies- which are really probably closer to milkshakes). So although I wasn’t craving pizza, I suggested we go tonight. Rarer than pizza is Chris actually asking for something because he’s as easy-going as they come, so I was happy to oblige. I’ll probably get a salad or something, but my stomach did ok with some gluten in Florida, so I might try some pizza and see how I do. Maybe it’ll awaken a craving!

I agreed to break my strict rule on doing absolutely nothing but becoming horizontal on the couch on Friday nights with one caveat: I told Chris I would go to pizza after our tempo run as long as I could do so without showering. He agreed as long as he could shower. I told him I’d be pretty disgusting (what a lucky guy, right?) and he still agreed, so we’re on!

I’m in a good mood for three reasons tonight:

1) date night with my dearest after

2) our 4 mile run with 2 miles tempo (I wanna go fast!)

3) great mail!

See our mail is usually 80/20 junk/bills. So, when I opened our box today and saw only these two items

I was over the moon! I’ll get to that gorgeous red envelope in a minute, but first let me explain the magazine. Jersey City Digest is the absolute coolest thing we’ve ever gotten in the mail. We got it once before, and I thought it was a one time thing, but it’s not! It clues you in on all the stuff going on around town and has a couple cool really local articles. I read it cover to cover last time and plan on doing the same while I wait for Chris to get home for our run.

As for the Netflix, I still get crazy excited when we get those DVDs. We had both cancelled our DVD delivery when they raised their rates, but after moving in together and combining accounts, we decided to add it back. That was a good call. The movies are 150x better than what they have for streaming.

Unfortunately this movie is American Psycho. I’ve never seen it, but it’s a thriller. Combine that with this

half priced baby!!




And I will be up. all. night.

That’s ok though. I’m hoping to finish this

this evening. I want to go back to the library again tomorrow to pick up Julie’s new book club selection because it looks too good to miss, and I’m hoping to return The Maze Runner (another pbfingers rec!) and pick up the next book in the series The Scorch Trials. So far, the jury is out on these books, right now it’s like watching Lost.

For those who watched, you know that for every one questions they answered, they asked 5 more. I’m hoping this book wraps up more questions than lost did otherwise I’ll be quite the grump. I’ll probably wait until I finish the series to do a full review.

So now I’m off to do my 4 miles and eat some pizza. Have a great weekend!!



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