I think we just became best friends

I guess I should rethink my whole not leaving the house on Fridays thing, because last night was an absolute blast. Our run was great. It was chilly and the wind was pretty fierce, but we really hit our stride during our tempo miles and got that beautiful runners high which carried us all the way home.

Remember my excitement over the mail? Well, it turns out I spoke to soon because we came home to a sticker on our mailbox meaning we had a package, and when I went to get it, I found this beauty

It’s my new foam roller!

The only member of this family more excited than me was Miles. I now have to hide it from him as he thinks its another scratching post. I YouTubed a bunch of foam rolling videos while waiting for Chris to get showered so we could go eat (can you believe he likes to go to dinner clean and fresh smelling? Weird, I know) and rolled all my sore muscles out. Chris saw me almost in tears with the pain and saying, “It hurts so good!” and I think he just filed it with everything else under Runners Are So Weird. Sorry babe but you’re a runner now too. Time to get weird with the rest of us.

The only thing that got me away from my toy was the promise of pizza, so we headed out.

John’s was even cuter on the inside than it was on the outside. I love a place that has Jersey City pride, and John’s definitely does. It had three big canvases on the wall with paintings of the Jersey City waterfront. Very cool.

I opened the menu and lost my mind.

Gluten Free Pizza!

Gluten Free Pasta!

Did we just become best friends, John’s Pizza? I think we did! I was in heaven. I was a little nervous to order the gfree pizza because I’ve tried that before and it usually tastes more like Saltine’s than pizza. I figured it was worth a shot though, so we ordered a stuffed artichoke to split

then we each order a personal pizza. Mine was gfree crust with ricotta, sun dried tomatoes, broccoli and black olives.

It was delicious! I ate to the point of being painfully full, then had another slice. In retrospect, I probably should’ve just taken half home, since I felt like my stomach might explode later, but I was just so in shock to be eating good gfree pizza that I couldn’t stop myself. After Chris rolled me out, we swung by the wine store for a little vino and headed home to watch our movie.

I’d never seem American Psycho before, but it was pretty good. It’s definitely a bloody thriller, but it’s well done. Mostly it was cool because it was filmed in downtown Manhattan, and I’m 98% sure you could see the building where I work circa 2000. Stuff like that makes me happy.

As predicted, I couldn’t fall asleep, so I read like 100 more pages of the Maze Runner. It’s getting really good.

I woke up this morning and made our usually Saturday morning eggs and pancakes.

Yum. I might hit the gym this morning for a quick spinning session. On the schedule for the rest of today is a trip to the library for some new reading materials, a Pet Smart excursion to pick up new food for my Jerk Cat (do some foods really reduce shedding? we’ll try anything!) and probably some toys because I can’t help myself. We have a few errands to run and some cleaning to do then we’re heading to Central Jersey for a friend’s birthday party. Sounds like a nice little Saturday, huh? Hope yours is wonderful too.


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