Top Ten Tuesday: NYC

According to this week’s meal plan last night’s dinner should have been mustard chicken, but I forgot to defrost the meat… again. What is with me these days? No problem though. I swapped it out for Red Wine Olive Risotto instead. I followed We Are Not Martha’s recipe because I’ve done it before and loved it. You have to like olives (duh) to like this dish, and we do, so it was great for us!

served with some simple spinach salads (say that 5 times fast) and we were full and happy.

Last night’s Bachelor was pretty meh, huh? I mean everyone saw that coming right? I’m actually, and I apologize in advance for this, but I’m actually starting to feel kind of bad for Courtney. I mean she was a terrible, nasty, grouch face the whole season

and she said and did a lot of hurtful things to a lot of girls

without much regret

but she seems to feel sorry for it, and she really did seem like she had feelings for idiotfaced Ben

I don’t get it, but she did, and now he’s sorta dragging her through the mud, and I just feel for the girl. I can’t help it!

Anyway, that was our drama for the night. Now on to Top Ten Tuesday!

Maybe it was being away for a little while, absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that


or maybe it was the outstandingly beautiful weather we’ve been having, but I’m loving New York right now and here’s ten reasons- in no particular order- why:

  1. The crowds. Ok so normally the crowds drive me crazy, but I do have to say this is the only city where I can walk the same route every day without an iPod or other distraction and never be bored. There’s just so much to gawk at all the time.
  2. When you can hear the subway announcements through the grates at street level. It’s a cool reminder that there’s a whole other disgusting world going on below your feet.
  3. Vegan Hotdogs, Gluten Free Bakeries and other special diets hotspots. I know other cities have these too, but no other cities offer the sheer variety as New York. I’d have a much more difficult and less delicious time fulfilling my dietary needs anywhere else. In a city known for pizza and hotdogs, it’s these specialties that make the difference for me.
  4. No one cares. New Yorkers are often bullied for this, but it’s nice to know that no one really cares what you’re doing. I can have a heated phone conversation, wander up and down the same block 10 times looking for a place, trip, drop something or otherwise embarrass myself and not a single person even looks twice. Unless he’s a tourist, and that doesn’t count.
  5. Everyone cares. In seemingly direct contradiction to number 4, number 5 means that although no one has the time to worry about what anyone else is doing, everyone is willing to help if you ask. Sometimes you don’t even need to ask. All those things I drop, well someone almost always picks them up and hands them to me. Doors are held open. Pleases and Thank Yous are exchanged and directions are always given when needed.
  6. Starbucks. On every corner. Everywhere.
  7. The smell of roasting nuts in the cold air. This will forever conjure memories of NYC snowfalls and Christmas displays.
  8. Bike Lanes. I’ll admit that the first time Chris took me careening down 2nd Ave I nearly died. He’s much braver on the bike than me, and I was convinced we’d both be pancakes before the day was done, but after some practice, I’ve learned how fun biking through the city (with a helmet of course) can be.
  9. The Central Park Zoo. You’re never too old.
  10. The fact that it’s so close to Jersey City 😉 Let’s face it. I love NY, but I’m a Jersey girl at the end of the day, and some days my favorite part of the city is that I get to leave it for my beloved Jersey at the end of the day.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: NYC

  1. I can’t believe, after all that, he’s still with Courtney. CANNOT BELIEVE. But anyway, I came over to say THANKS for suggesting the buffalo chicken quinoa mac and cheese on my blog! It sounds so delicious and I’m heading over to that blog now to check it out.

  2. I wish I lived close enough to New York to experience it on the reg, but I do feel similarly to downtown Toronto. I’m close enough to it to enjoy it, but I don’t live there so the busyness doesn’t get to me. I would say everything on your list applies to Toronto, minus the Central Park Zoo 🙂

    I was feeling bad for Courtney too…she did seem like she regretted her actions. I do have a feeling that they are doomed though, sadly. I love Ashley and JP together!!!

    • I’ve got to visit Toronto! I keep hearing such wonderful things about that city. I’ve only ever been to Montreal because it’s a bit closer, but I’m definitely adding Toronto to my Must See list.


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