and then my brain explodes

It’s Thursday! True story: Thursdays are my favorite day of the workweek. You’d think it’d be Friday, but that’s a gimme. Thursday nights are the last school night of the week, and there’s something wonderful about that.

Last night we got blessed with beautiful weather once again. Chris and I had a 2 miler on the schedule, but decided to switch it up and go for a bike ride instead.

We biked over to Liberty State Park, where we hardly ever go because it’s crazy windy there and makes bike riding no fun. It was still windy last night, but we managed, and it reminded us that we should suck it up and bike there more often because it is also crazy beautiful.

We planned on riding into Hoboken again too but ended up running into some of our friends who were out for a walk and talking for a while, so after our chat we headed home.

We made Tilapia Puttanesca over polenta, and it was yummy and filling. We both barely finished.

You can’t see it, but there is a huge piece of tilapia under that beautiful sauce.

I got a lot running through my mind today, so bear with me. The rest of this post will probably be very scattered. Spring is a confusing time for me. I wake up feeling crummy, and I can’t tell if it’s allergies or a cold. It’s still wintery enough for me to get sick, but it’s also springy enough for my allergies to kick in. It’s a bummer because I have no idea whether to stock up on Airborne (I swear it works) or start taking Claritin. I don’t like to buy Claritin unless I absolutely need to though because it makes me feel like a criminal. Even though I’m not cooking meth, signing my name in that little book while looking totally doped up with my bloodshot eyes and mouthbreathing makes me feel like Jesse.

In addition to my confusion, whatever is going on in my head/chest is causing some serious sneezing which is a problem for me. See, I have this weird thing with sneezing. I can’t do it. I mean I can but not in public. I used to be able to, then I started working. I have an odd sort of high pitched sneeze, so I would get really nervous about having a sneezing fit in a quiet, crowded office. Then, one day, I just couldn’t sneeze. Like the physical part still happens, but never culminates in a sneeze, so my whole face scrunches up and the sneeze just explodes in my brain. The whole thing ends up looking a lot stranger than the actual sounds would be, so I kinda made my own bed on this one, but try as I might, I can’t sneeze in public.

That was a weird story that I’m sure no one cares about, but I had to get it off my chest. There you go.

Foam rolling is amazing. I’ll admit, I didn’t buy the hype at first, but after rolling all day Sunday post long run, I felt absolutely great the next day. Like, no soreness at all. Foam rolling, you own my life.

Chris thinks I look like a goon and Miles tries to sit on my face the whole time, but I love it.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we’re doing this week’s long run tonight! Blerg. I used to do all my long runs on Monday nights, but this training cycle, we’ve stuck to weekends, and I’m now a little nervous. I’ve been scrutinizing all my eats and drinks today because I want to have a nice run, and it’s stressing me out! How did I used to do this all the time?

1000 years ago I bought a living social deal for a nutritional consultation, chiropractic consultation and hour long massage. I just found it languishing in my inbox, and I decided it’s time for it to be used! I made an appointment for Tuesday evening, and a massage sounds awfully nice. Some people are freaked out by chiropractors, but I love them! I used to go all the time when I was a teenager because I had a slipped disk in my back, and I’ll admit that all that cracking is pretty intimidating at first, but it feel so good afterwards.

I plan on eating a potato a day this weekend in honor of my Irish ancestors. I also plan on finding some Magner’s because that ish is delicious.

I think that’s all the thoughts in my head right now. I’m glad I got them out before my brain explodes because that was some really life changing stuff there.


2 thoughts on “and then my brain explodes

  1. I’ve heard its supposed to be a bad season for allergies 😦 At least, that’s what they said here in VA.

    I’ve had Pasta Puttanesca and I wonder if it’s similar to that Tilapia recipe! I learned how to make it in a cooking class, and the lady told us what Puttanesca meant but I can’t remember. something about everything has a place maybe? haha I don’t remember


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