Fall Half

I think I may have just found my fall half. I stumbled up this Runner’s World article this morning while I was still waking up, and got totally sucked in.


It’s written by Bart Yasso and it details his experiences running with the, possibly prolific, Amish runners of Lancaster County. It’s a really interesting and well written article that touches on their lives, traditions and how their strict habits make for strong runners. I highly recommend reading it.

What I took away from it though was this half marathon that takes place in the fall in Lancaster County. Bart mentions that his wife ran it and called it one of her best halfs ever. She said the people and volunteers were wonderful and friendly, and that it’s unlike anything else. I’m not that far from Lancaster County, so I googled it, and found the Bird In Hand Half Marathon not only are all of the volunteers Amish family members,

there is a free s’mores party AND PACE BUGGIES.

Like instead of regular pacers, they have buggies. Buggies. Stuff like this is right up my alley. Being neighbors with Pennsylvania and having family in Pittsburgh, I’ve traversed Amish country many times. It’s beautiful. It’s like a page out of a history book. There are all these handmade crafts and delicious foods. It really is a neat experience.

Plus, I love a race with character. Rock ‘n’ Roll races are for the birds in my opinion. No one at that company has a vested interest in the race at all, and it shows in the caliber of races they put on. I love local races with local volunteers. It speaks to my heart.

So, right now, I’m leaning pretty heavily to making this my fall half. Hopefully, Chris agrees. How’s that sound babe?

I’ve got races on the brain, with my upcoming 5k this Saturday, so I’m open to suggestions.


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