Friday Favorites- 3/16

Happy Friday!

Last night’s long run was a great success. We ran the 8 miles a teeny bit slower than last week because I think we were both still a little worn out from the previous run. Plus, we’re used to running in the morning, so running after a long day sort of took it out of us too. Still, we did it! It’s kind of nice to have the long run of the week out of the way before the weekend.

After our run, I cooked up some pasta primavera with grilled chicken.

It was the perfect post run blend of protein and carbs with TONS of veggies to boot. It was extra yum.

I’m excited for tonight! We’ve got a friend from Philadelphia, who we don’t get to see too often coming to stay with us. I’m planning on cooking for everybody, which is fun but nerve-wracking. Then we’ll probably lay low. The boys will catch up and quote Family Guy endlessly.I’ll drink a glass of wine and pass out on the couch. That is a great Friday night!

I’ve got my Spring Thaw 5k in Liberty State Park tomorrow morning, and I’m excited! There’s just something about 5ks. No need to worry about pace or refueling. No need to readjust your day to recover. Just get out, run your heart out, and come home, and eat pancakes. That’s my kind of Saturday morning. Plus, the fact that it’s right up the road in Liberty State Park means an especially relaxing race morning.

Unfortunately we’ve still got a few hours to go until the weekend is officially here. In the meantime, here’s what’s making me happy this Friday

Favorite Truism About Running

I’ve gotten into some pretty heated treadmill races, and they’re great workouts!

Favorite Savory Craving- Sriracha White Bean Dip

Rooster Sauce on everything. Always.

Favorite Running Inspiration 

Favorite Gluten-Free Snack- Thin Mint Rice Krispies

True Story: I used to be a Girl Scout Troop leader and the absolute best part was visiting the regional cookie depot. So. Many. Thin. Mints.

Favorite Belly Laugh

Favorite Sweet Craving

Favorite Bedroom Color Scheme

I want all of the things in my life to be white, yellow and grey.

Favorite Cat on the Internet

Favorite DIY Yumminess

I love everything they make over at We Are Not Martha. This is no exception.

Favorite Drink- Horchata

The taco joint by us just added horchata to their menu. My soul currently belongs to them.

Favorite Cute Outfit

I love the idea of a simple white shirt with pops of color.

Favorite Home

Now to count the hours until quitting time. I hope you have something fabulous to look forward to this weekend as well!


PS- As I was assembling all of my favorite things to include this week, Chris was looking over my shoulder. He wanted me to include the picture below, but I just don’t find this meme that funny. Still, I live to please, so hopefully someone else out there finds it funny too.

Give it a minute. Here’s a hint.

Have a great Friday. I’ll see you all in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.


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