Sunday, cloudy Sunday

After going to bed more tired than I’ve been in a long time last night, I was really hoping to sleep in this morning. Alas, I was up before 8 again. I guess any day when I get to sleep past my weekday wake up is a good day, so I’ll take it! Still, I decided to read in bed and relax before officially starting the day. Too bad Miles had other plans.

That cat has a 6th sense, I’m telling you. He just knows when I’m awake. Anyway, he started doing his saddest, most pathetic meow, so I just had to come pay attention to him. After only 5 minutes of cuddling, he decided he wanted nothing to do with me and went about his business of going back to sleep

but my day was officially started so I made breakfast.

I’ve been craving French toast (it seems wrong to not capitalize the T as well, but I don’t think the toast is as proper as it’s adjective), but didn’t have any gluten free bread. After my trip to TJ’s yesterday, I found myself with an abundance of the good stuff

so I just had to do it. Between yesterday’s breakfast and today’s, I promise there will be fruits and vegetables in my future. Pinky swear.

After our wonderful weather yesterday, I was disappointed to wake up to clouds this morning. The interwebs assure me that these clouds will clear by this afternoon, so I’m going to use the morning (after I finish laughing my butt off at The Daily Show on demand, Oh Jon) to do some cleaning. Maybe even super serious clean the insides of the cabinets, swab the cats ears (gross), flip the mattress spring cleaning. I’m hoping that by the time my house is clean, the sun will be out  so I can go for a bike ride or do some other kind of non-running cardio on my rest day. I also need to run to Target justforonething (the phrase that always leaves me $100 poorer), so it should be a good day!

PS- Adding to that whole “my cat has ESP” thing. As I started writing about him, this happened


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