Weekly Prep- 3/19

Good morning! It’s Monday again. Thank goodness because those weekends and all their free time were getting old fast. Not.

I’m excited for this week though. I’ve got a book club meeting at a new to me Jersey City restaurant to discuss Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. I finished it a little while ago, but I’ve been looking forward to talking about it.

This week is also the week we get to see The Black Keys at the Garden! Chris got us the tickets as a Valentine’s gift, and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since, and after reading Tina’s post,I really can’t wait!

It did turn out to be a really nice day yesterday, so after my Spring Cleaning (yes, I’m capitalizing it because it took me three hours) I took the bike out. It was perfect biking weather, sunny, cool and almost no wind, so I rode for about 12 miles.

I came back hungry. Lunch was leftovers, which were kind of boring so it went unpictured. My snack was the star of the show

Nothing too special, just an apple and Nutella, but it totally hit the spot.

After lunching, I made a trip to Target (and yes I spent more than I planned) with the sunroof and windows open. It was glorious! Target was a madhouse, but I did have some good finds. I got 2 new sports bras (their Champion line is my favorite), new sport socks (I live on the edge) and a cute blue cardigan. My best find were these beige crochet flats

I’m a little worried they’ll get dirty pretty quickly, but they were super cute and not too expensive, so I went for it. I like them. Miles loves them

They match!

I also did some grocery shopping at Target for the things I couldn’t find at Trader Joes’s. My meal plan this week isn’t too exciting as I picked a lot of quick and easy dinners to accommodate my full schedule.


This week is a recovery week for our half marathon training, so the training runs are nice and light. The schedule is a little top heavy, again due to the a busy week.


  • Monday- 4 miles and toning
  • Tuesday- 3 miles
  • Wednesday- 3 miles and toning
  • Thursday- rest day
  • Friday- rest day
  • Saturday- 4 miles
  • Sunday- rest day

As for today, it’s a Monday. That’s all I’ll say about that.



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