Running with Gratitude

Howdy! I hope your Tuesday has been lovely.

It’s funny that I posted about motivation yesterday because I found myself incredibly unmotivated to run this afternoon. Truthfully, I was having sort of an Eeyore day all day today

It was a beautiful first day of spring, so I don’t really know why I had such a little black rain cloud above my head, but I did. I had 4 miles on the schedule. I was committed to doing it, but I wasn’t feeling it. I told myself that I would just get it over with quickly. I put on my too tight shorts and a new shirt that I bought at Target- here’s some lightness for you before this post gets real heavy.

Don’t judge my bun.

I’m really cheap  old school when it comes to running gear, so I only run in tech shirts when they come with my race fees. Other than those, I like running in light cotton tees, so when I saw this cute striped one at Target for $9 I snatched it up! Today was it’s trial run, and I really liked it.

On to the heaviness. After taking that pic, I laced up and headed outside. As I was waiting for my Garmin to sync up, I was thinking about how unexcited I was to do this run. The weather was nice, but it’s a recovery week, and I was not thrilled about an easy 4 miler. Then the universe sent me a sign telling me to quit whining and and be grateful. The universe is blunt like that.

There’s a little boy in my building who I believe has cerebral palsy. I won’t go into the ins and outs, but you can learn more about it here. I have a very personal connection to CP, so I’d noticed this little boy before. As I was bouncing up and down waiting for my satellites, he was being pushed  in his wheelchair into the building. He looked up at me with a melt-your-heart smile on his face, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I should be thankful for every single step I run because there are so many who cannot. 

I am so blessed to be able to run. It is not only my most favorite form of exercise and recreation. It is my outlet for energy and emotion. It helps clear my head and calm my heart. Some days it’s glorious. Some days it’s  grueling and painful, but every single day it is a gift that I should cherish.

After my little reminder from the universe, I forced the lump in my throat down and set out on my run. Rather than brooding over the events of my day, obsessively checking my Garmin or thinking of how tired I was, I invited gratitude to run with me. I thought of everyone I’m running for. I run for my sisters. For my mom who’s chronic knee pain has kept her unable to even walk around the block comfortably for more than a year. For my aunt who’s amazing running career was cut too short due to debilitating arthritis. I run for every runner who’s suffered a temporary or permanent injury that’s separated them from their love of the sport. I run for everyone who cannot, and I am so very grateful.


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