Friday Favorites- The Hunger Games Edition

Hi y’all! It’s Friday! It’s a sleepy day over here because last night we saw The Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys in concert!!

The show was great! Both bands were awesome, and the crowd at the Garden was the friendliest group of people I have ever seen a concert with. Everyone was just really happy and nice. It was a good time, but I’m dragging today!

Other than that, I’ve got one thing and one thing only on my mind today, and that is The Hunger Games.  I actually don’t go to the movies that often because I’m cheap I have discerning taste, so I don’t usually spend $15 (this is NYC) for your run of the mill rom-com, but I love the movies as a grand spectacle. When there is a blockbuster-y movie about a book I read and enjoyed, I have to see it. Usually the night it comes out. Usually in 3D. I get a little obsessed. It all began with Harry Potter, obviously, but I’ve geeked out over The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and, sadly, Twilight. Those were great, but I feel like there has been OMGSOMUCHHYPE over The Hunger Games, and it’s just pumping me up even more. You can bet your bottom dollar I would have seen it last night were it not for The Black Keys concert, and tonight we’ve got a going away  party for friends who are moving to Germany at the end of the month, so I’ll be going to say good-bye, but if they were moving to Pennsylvania, I would probably be seeing this movie 😉

Long story short, I haven’t seen The Hunger Games, but I’m dying to. I’ll be seeing it Saturday and reliving it in my head all weekend.

So, without further ado, I bring you my Friday Favorites: Hunger Games Edition

Favorite Themed Party Idea– A whole bunch of cute food ideas for maybe a pre-Hunger Games viewing party? I especially love this goat cheese one. Yum.

Favorite T-Shirt I Would Wear to the Theater

Favorite T-Shirt I Would Wear in Real Life– I feel like this one is understated enough that I could totally get away with wearing it ALL THE TIME.

Favorite Hunger Games Funny

Favorite Hunger Games Bling– These are the sweetest bracelets I’ve seen, and this whole Etsy store is filled with jewelry with really cute book and movie references.

Favorite Gorgeous Dessert– These are seriously impressive.

Favorite Nails– Cute flames that don’t look like they’d be too hard to recreate.

Favorite Meme

and finally, Favorite I Need This Yesterday

Anybody else super excited for this too?


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