Good morning!

After my late bed time due to The Black Keys concert Thursday night, my day yesterday was pretty much fueled by this

I know it’s terrible for me and going to kill my brain, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

After work, Chris napped before our big night out, but I couldn’t because I got caught up reading this

and burned through like a hundred pages before I realized the time for naps had passed. So good. So worth it.

I talked Chris into going out for pizza. You can talk post-nap Chris into anything, so we went back to our neighborhood favorite, John’s, and it did not disappoint. I had a gluten free pizza with artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese. It was an odd combo, but it was yummy.

After our pizza, we got dolled up and headed back into the city to Vault to say goodbye to some friends of ours who are moving to Germany. The bar was themed like a 1920s speakeasy. It was nice without being overdone. Some of the speakeasies I’ve seen take it a bit too far with hidden doors and secret passwords that seem like more work than they’re worth. This one had just the right amount of theme to make it charming without being annoying

I had planned on having a glass of wine, but after seeing their cocktail list I was reminded of an old favorite and ordered a dirty gin martini with extra olives, you know, for the vegetables (fruits? what are olives?). I love saltiness, so that drink always makes me happy. I chugged about 5 glasses of water before heading to bed though because I wanted to wake up refreshed for our 4 miler this morning.

I spent the better part of the early morning hours on Google Maps trying to find a running route that would get Chris and I from our apartment to the Brownstone Diner in 4 miles. We took sort of a roundabout way, but we did it! My Garmin beeped right as we were walking up the stairs to the diner, so we got to wait for our table in all our sweaty glory.

Brownstone is a Jersey City landmark. They were featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

for these creations


That is bacon, eggs, and cheese wrapped up in a giant pancake. I think it’s supposed to be the perfect breakfast for those who just can’t decide whether they want sweet or savory, but they pose a huge condiment problem for me. I want ketchup on my eggs and syrup on my pancakes, so these wraps don’t really work for me, but it’s always fun to see someone else order them.

Even though this heaven of a diner is in Jersey City, we don’t really go all that often, so we planned this outing a few weeks ago, and have been looking forward to it ever since.

We came hungry, and we were not disappointed.

Coffee, scrambled eggs, potatoes, turkey sausage, and banana walnut pancakes. I died. I only had a few bites of pancakes because sadly they are not gluten free, but I more than made up for it with eggs.

I am a breakfast lover. I love bowls of cereal, homemade breakfasts and fancy brunch, but diner breakfasts will always have a soft spot in my heart. I’m proud to be from the state with the most diners per capita and I plan to take advantage of it for a long, long time.

After breakfast, I immediately got started on dinner!

Believe me, it was painful to even think about food after that breakfast, but I had to get everything in the slow cooker for Salsa Chicken Chili so it can stew for the next 6 hours. I added those peppers and subtracted the corn, but other than that, stuck pretty close to the recipe. The house already smells so good.

Tonight is Hunger Games night at 7pm, and I can hardly wait! Until then, I leave you with this


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