Family Dinner

Last night was the night! I finally saw The Hunger Games. Verdict? Excellent. I really liked it. District 12 and The Capitol were exactly as I’d pictured them. The arena was also spot-on, but my favorite part of the movie was Katniss. I thought Jennifer Lawrence was amazing. She really blew me away. True Story: after I read the series, Chris decided to start. He made it about 3/4 of the way through the first book but sort of lost interest. Seeing the movie last night made him want to finish the series. That’s how good it was.

Just to backtrack a bit, before we headed to the movies we enjoyed some slower cooker chicken chili. It was really easy to make. I added 2 frozen chicken breasts, a jar of salsa and 2 chopped bell peppers along with garlic powder, cumin and chili powder to the slow cooker. I set it to low for 4 hours, removed and shredded the chicken, added the chicken back in and cooked for another 2 hours on high.

Topped with shredded cheese and sour cream and served with tortilla chips, it was delicious!

Of course, it was the movies, so I still had to have popcorn, and I felt like an old lady because I had to shush a group of teenagers sitting next to us. They kept asking each other, “What’s going to happen next??” Watch the movie nerds! Yeah. I’m an old lady. Whatever. I was serious about getting my Hunger Games on.

Today’s sort of a crummy weather day here. The beautiful spring-y-ness of last weekend is definitely gone.

Luckily, we got most of our outside stuff done yesterday. Today’s schedule calls for one major thing only: family dinner. I love family, and it makes me so sad that I can’t see my family as often as I’d like with that whole 12 hour drive thing. Luckily, Chris’ family lives in New Jersey and New York, so we get to see them pretty frequently. They’re Italian just like my family, and they are absolutely as sweet, warm and loving as can be. I feel so fortunate to have them in our lives, and I’m really glad to have this surrogate family here with my own family so far away.

We try to meet up with his immediate family (mom, dad, little brother) once a month for dinner, but today we’re going to Queens to meet up with Nonna and Nonno. They are originally from the old country, and they’re adorable. They will feed you until you can’t eat another bite, then force you to take the rest home.

Italian Family Dinner (proper noun)- A six course meal lasting no fewer than four hours that doesn’t officially end until everyone is so full they cannot sit up.

Yep. That’s pretty accurate. We’ll be leaving for Queens around noon to make sure we’re on time for dinner, which will start promptly at 2 😉 Driving from Jersey City to Queens means going through Manhattan, which can be a trafficky mess, so we’re giving ourselves a lot of time. There will be chatting and laughing and catching up, and there will of course be eating. Lots of eating. I made the mistake of eating a breakfast sandwich this morning

It was good, but nothing else will be consumed in order to prepare for our feast. It’s that serious.

After “dinner”, we’ll be doing our grocery shopping for the week (I’ll post our meal plan tomorrow). If you’re never supposed to shop on an empty stomach, then shopping painfully full should make for our most budget-friendly trip ever!


This, while not representative of Chris’ family or mine, is a pretty funny Italian-American parody my sister sent me. I hope you enjoy!



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