Weekly Prep-3/25

Why hello.

Yesterday Chris and I drove to Queens for Italian Family Dinner. Dinner was delicious, and the conversation was wonderful. I honestly can’t remember all the food that was served, but I know I ate pasta (Chris’ mom brought a box of gluten-free for me because she’s such a sweetheart), salad (Italians eat it after pasta) and chicken cutlets. It was outstanding.

The drive was a nightmare! We live 13 miles from the grandparents, but driving from Jersey City through the Holland Tunnel to the Williamsburg Bridge took us 45 minutes going in and 2.5 hours leaving. New York City traffic is no joke.

I had planned to grocery shop after dinner, so even though it was already 8 (we left Queens at 5:15!) I hightailed it over to Target for the quickest shopping trip of my life. I got all the groceries needed for the week in under 30 minutes! I don’t care if no one else cares because I was wildly impressed with myself.

The difficult thing with eating dinner at 2 is that you find yourself hungry again at 9. We didn’t want a big meal since we’d just eaten our faces off, but we also didn’t think we’d be able to sleep without eating something. That’s when Chris had the brilliant idea of cereal for dinner!

Followed by some of Ben & Jerry’s new Frozen Greek Yogurt

It was ok. There were chocolate chunks in there that I could have done without. The yogurt itself was a touch too creamy for me. I was expecting more tartness like actual Greek yogurt, and it was just too sweet.

This week is a little busy. I’ve got two doctor’s appointments, and we’ve got dinner with friends on Wednesday. Last week was a recovery week on our half marathon training plan, but this week marks the return of the long run (9 miles!!), so we’ve got a lot going on. Our weekly meal plan and workout schedule are below.


  • Monday- Family Dinner leftovers with steamed green beans
  • Tuesday-Pasta Pesto w TJ’s Broccoli Slaw
  • Wednesday- Dinner Out
  • Thursday- Quinoa w Sauteed Red Peppers, Corn and Spinach
  • Friday- Citrus Marinated Baked Salmon and Roasted Broccoli
  • Saturday- Chicken Vesuvio (this was on the menu but not made last week due to the last minute family dinner)
  • Sunday- Pioneer Woman’s BBQ Meatballs with mashed sweet potatoes and roasted carrots (Chris saw these on her Food Network show on Saturday and decided they had to be consumed soon)


  • Monday- PM 2 miles easy
  • Tuesday- Rest Day
  • Wednesday- AM 2 miles easy
  • Thursday- PM 5 miles, w 3 miles @ tempo pace
  • Friday- Rest Day
  • Saturday- AM 9 miles long (our longest run yet!!)
  • Sunday- Rest Day

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!


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