WIAW- 3/28

Good morning! Unlike yesterday, I popped out of bed this morning when my 5:30 alarm went off and dragged my butt to the gym for a 2 mile run plus a 30 minute full body toning sesh, and it was goooood. It really is true what they say, you never regret a workout. I spent the better part of yesterday sort of disappointed that I didn’t get up when my alarm went off, but I think I needed the sleep, and I’m glad I went today.

Maybe the reason that I had a little extra pep in my step today was because yesterday I finally used the Living Social voucher that had been languishing in my inbox forever. The voucher was for a nutrition consultation, chiropractic examination and full body massage. How did I not get around to using this sooner?? It was in New Jersey, but it was sort of a pain to get there. The drive took about twice as long as I’d planned, but I made it on time.

We started with the nutrition consultation, and the doctor said my diet was pretty good, but since I said I felt tired all the time that I should consider upping my protein intake and make sure I’m getting enough B-12. He also suggested switching from my standard multi-vitamin to a more organic vitamin. Honestly, I was thinking of doing that already since the current one makes me wildly nauseous for about an hour after I take it.

After the nutrition talk, he did the chiropractic evaluation. He told me my posture was ok, but I lean my head to the right (??) and my right leg is an inch shorter than my left. Not much I can do about that really. He also said I’m incredibly tense, but anyone who’s ever met me knows that.

Finally, I got my ONE HOUR massage. It felt good sort of the way foam rolling feels good in that it doesn’t at all, but you’re glad you did it afterwards. She reiterated that I was very tense, and recommended I get regular massages (oh twist  my arm!). Then she proceeded to have me wincing in pain as she dug out every knot in my whole back. I do feel better, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience. On to the more enjoyable parts of my day…

The morning started with coffee, which is always bubbling because I shake the heck out of the soy milk before I pour it in.

Banana-Nutella steel cut oats with soy milk, chia seeds and cinnamon. For some reason, these didn’t fill me up quite like they usually do, and I found myself hungry for lunch by 11.

Lunch was a salad which got tossed around this morning on my way to work as I got stopped for my daily bag check. It turns out that trying to carry a purse filled with a giant salad and 450 page hardcover book on public transportation makes for quite a suspicious passenger. Before it got all messy, it was a beautiful salad beast made of romaine lettuce, hummus and an apple chopped and later dressed with Newman’s Own Sesame Ginger dressing. Yummy.

Chobani! I’ve started adding these bad boys to my lunches to keep me fuller longer. Plus, the 16 grams of protein gets me so much closer to a balanced diet. I try to stick to plain, vanilla or honey unless it’s a snack because the other flavors have a pretty high sugar content, and I like to get my sugar from chocolate.

My afternoon snack, consumed on the way to the chiropractor was Trader Joe’s delicious Almond, Cashew and Chocolate Chunk Trek Mix. Looks like I’ll be visiting Joe again soon.

Dinner had to be easy because I didn’t get home until 8, and I was hungry.

Gluten free fusili with pesto sauce and Trader Joe’s Broccoli Slaw. I just boiled the pasta and added the slaw during the last 5 minutes, drained, sauced and served. Done and done.

I didn’t have a snack last night honestly only because I was too tired. Sleep is the only thing that beats out food, but it does it every single time.


What’s your favorite easy weeknight meal?


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