Friday Favorites-3/30

Friday Friday Friday! You can’t see me, but I’m doing my happy dance. This week really dragged for me. Every day I found myself itching to get out of my chair and away from my desk at the too early hour of oh about 11:30. It was a struggle, but we made it! Go us!

Last night, we went out for a 5 mile run with a warm up of one mile, 3 miles at our tempo pace of 9:40, and a cool down of another mile. The weather was a bit warmer than we were expecting, which was nice, but the wind was ferocious.

Knowing that we would be coming home hungry, I did some dinner prep before we left the house. On the menu last night was quinoa with corn, red peppers, and spinach. *side note: I meal planned this last week during our ridiculously warm weather. This is a great summer meal when you can have fresh off the cob Jersey corn, but just because I thought it was summer, did not make it summer in the grocery store, and I had to settle for the canned variety.

I like all of my corn with a side of Bed Bath & Beyond

Not bad, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the real deal.

Anyway, I cooked the quinoa and chopped two red bell peppers before the run, so when we got back all I did was sauté one bag of baby spinach, one can of corn and the peppers in a skillet over medium heat with 2 tbsps of olive oil and 2 tbsps of chopped garlic (we love garlic). I let that simmer for about 8 minutes then added in the cooked quinoa along with about 1/4 cup of chicken stock and seasoned with salt and pepper. I covered the pan with a large lid and, turned the heat to low and simmered for 5 more minutes, then served.

I was so hungry that I dug right in before taking a picture while the food was still pretty, so knowing it would have looked hideous with the iPhone, I kindly asked Chris to capture it with the DSLR, which makes everything look 134xs better. It was yummy, but I’m a hunger beast on tempo run days so I went back to the kitchen after dinner for a snack of a sliced apple with cinnamon and cinnamon raisin peanut butter and a glass of chocolate soy milk, for protein obviously.

That snack made me pretty happy yesterday. Here’s some more things making me pretty happy this Friday:

Favorite Funny

Oh I loved this episode. I still think of this every single time I move.

Favorite Yum City

Mexican Lasagna. This looks supremely delicious.

Favorite Adorable Food

They’re so cute I wouldn’t want to eat them, but they have pistachios, so I’m sure I would eat them.

Favorite Motivation

I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard, but it really did. I don’t have abs that set off metal detectors, but I’d sure like to! Also, the link no longer works, so I can’t really identify this one.

Favorite Household Design Inspiration

I have to get these for the 8 year old me. I owe it to her.

Favorite Gluten Free Deliciousness

You had me at flourless chocolate peanut butter.

Favorite Spring Outfit

I think it hits on two great spring trends with the colorful jeans and the nautical stripes. I would love to rock this.

Favorite Speaks to My Soul

Just love.

Favorite House I Should Probably Be Living In

Looks like we’re moving to Washington.

Favorite I Need This Yesterday

I swear, if I had these to drink my coffee out of every morning, I would never complain about having to go to work again. Ever. Alas, I do not, but I’ll save you the complaining. I hope your Friday goes swimmingly, and if you’re not at work today please go back to bed for me.


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