Party on Wayne

It’s another sort of crummy day today, but it’s better outside than it was yesterday, so it looks like we made the right choice in deferring our long run to today. We’ve got nine miles on the schedule as soon as we finish digesting breakfast

gluten free bagel with half vegan cream cheese and half cinnamon raisin peanut butter and chia seeds with coffee and a banana (split with Chris)

While digesting, we’re watching Wayne’s World on Comedy Central. What better way to warm up for our run?

In preparation for our run today, we needed to find some gels. The only mid-run fuel I can handle is Gu Chomps Strawberry. Very specific, I know. We had a very hard time locating them yesterday. We checked GNC, Target and Moddell’s before finally checking where we should have started at Runner’s High in Newport. I bought their entire stock. No joke

We’re hooked up with Gu for a long time.

We were well fueled for our search after a wonderful lunch at Taqueria in Jersey City. I got the fish tacos with rice and beans.

Never, ever disappoints.

After our hunt, we were all set to go to see Pulp Fiction at historic Lowe’s when a discussion of movies led me to discover that Chris had never seen Gladiator! Not only do I love that movie, but I knew Chris would love it, so we immediately revised our plans to a night in with wine and Russell Crowe. I was right, he loved it. Great success!

After our run today, provided we don’t collapse, one member of our family has a very important appointment. Someone is going to the groomer.

Miles is a scruffy monster. He sheds enough to fill the Super Dome each week, so we switched him to an all natural cat food, but he’s still got a lot of residual hair. We called around and discovered you can, in fact, groom a cat. I can’t tell if he’ll love it because he loves attention or hate it because he’s a cat. Hard to say. Either way, we’ll have a pretty spiffy looking cat this afternoon.

Have a wonderful Sunday! I’ll be back tomorrow with our weekly meal plan and workout schedule. See you then.



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