Weekly Prep- 4/2

Happy Monday! Today’s a weird week for me. I have full day training at an off site location through Wednesday. This place is way far uptown from my usual office, and I suspect I’m going to get pretty sick of the extra commute pretty quickly. Luckily, it’s just three days, right?

Yesterday was a wild day that felt like one thing after another. It was productive, but I was exhausted! We did our nine mile run through Jersey City and Hoboken, and it went really well. It was our longest run of the training plan so far, and we both felt pretty good. Tired, like whole body tired, but good.

After some stretching, foam rolling and nachos (oddly, I craved nachos the entire last mile of the run) we got to work cleaning our house from top to bottom. I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with us because we got the whole thing done in under an hour. It was great.

We cleaned ourselves up then dropped Miles off at the groomer, which was an absolutely terrible and terrifying experience. They charged us a fortune, and when we got home, I saw that 3 of his 4 little teeny paws had BLOOD on them from the awful groomer cutting his nails way to short. I didn’t even ask her to touch his nails because I do that myself. He’s ok. He wasn’t acting like an animal in pain, and he let both of us touch his little feet. Plus, the vet has told me that their claws will bleed if you cut too close to the quick, and that’s ok, but she’s a professional and she should really know better. I was of a mind to drive back to the groomer and scream at her, but better senses prevailed, and I’ve decided a very strong call is in order later this afternoon. I, obviously, will not be going back there ever again, but I want the owner to know, so that that doesn’t happen to any other kitties. I cried. We’re ok though.

After that calamity (and lots of Chris calming me down) I got to work on The Pioneer Woman’s BBQ Meatballs (alt version). I replaced the oats with gluten free oats, subbed out ground beef for ground turkey, used soy milk in place of dairy milk, and rolled them in corn flour. That’s a little more well suited to this house. They were yummy and easy. I just shaped the meatballs, refrigerated them for 45 minutes, rolled them in the flour, browned all of the sides in a frying pan with olive oil and then baked them in the oven with BBQ sauce for 45 minutes.

Served up alongside some mashed sweet potatoes (that look like scrambled eggs?) for a complete (but veggie-less) meal.

They were slamming as are all PDubs recipes.

Hopefully the rest of this week will be equally delicious.


  • Monday– olive risotto
  • ingredients: kalamata olives, red wine, chicken stock, arborio rice, shallots, butter
  • Tuesday– dijon chicken with string beans
  • ingredients: dijon mustard, lemon, chicken breasts, string beans
  • Wednesday– baked tilapia with roasted brussel sprouts
  • ingredients: tilapia, brussel sprouts
  • Thursdayhoney mustard pretzel crusted chicken
  • ingredients: honey mustard pretzels, eggs, chicken, broccoli, ketchup
  • Fridayshrimp scampi with artichokes
  • ingredients: shrimp, spagetti, artichokes, white wine, butter, parsley
  • Saturday– slow cooker bbq chicken
  • chicken breasts, bbq sauce, sweet potatoes, buns
  • Sunday- Easter Dinner with familia de Chris!


  • Monday- Rest Day
  • Tuesday- 2 Easy Miles
  • Wednesday- Spin and Lift
  • Thursday– 5 Mile w/ 3 Miles @ Tempo Pace
  • Friday– 2 Easy Miles
  • Saturday- 10 Miles Long
  • Sunday– Rest Day

Nothing in the world sounds better at this moment than a 10 mile run on Saturday followed by an Easter feast on Sunday. Well, nothing except maybe this

Holy cow this is good. So much better than the raspberry flavor. I will need some of this after training for sure.


How’s your week looking?


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