Top Ten Tuesday: Dream Cities

Good morning! I’m in day two of work training today. The teacher of this class is a college professor, and being here makes me feel like I’m back at Rutgers. I’m taking notes, doodling in the margins, and even getting assigned homework. It all makes me remember why I never wanted to go to grad school. Seriously, though it’s a pretty good class. It’s not one of those meaningless classes. I actually feeling like I’m learning, but three days is a lot.

Training yesterday was informative but tiring. I came back drained but also sort of wired, so Chris and I took advantage of the sunny weather and went on a walk around our neighborhood while we caught up on our days. I love our walks. I can’t wait until it’s warm enough and light out long enough to bring back after dinner walks. Those are my favorites.

We came back hungry for some dinner. Last night has definitely been featured here before, but for a refresher, I made Red Wine Olive Risotto. Served with a side salad, it was just the comfort food I needed yesterday.

My new longer commute to and from training got me thinking. Training actually runs a little longer than my normal work schedule, which means I start my evening commute right at the heart of rush hour. That, combined with two extra subway trips had me a little grumpy with the city yesterday, so I began playing a little game I tend to play when New York starts wearing me down. I like to imagine all the other places I could live. Generally, they’re quieter, more peaceful places. Mostly, it’s fun to play because I don’t really see myself leaving any time soon. The noise, traffic and crowds do really start to wear on me, but I love New York **95% of the time (that’s the fine print on all those t-shirts). Anyway here’s what I always imagine when I picture my top ten dream areas (this is the US edition because I’m not all that cultured, and truthfully, I haven’t even been to many of these, but the pictures and lifestyles just seem so nice):

  • Charlotte, NC- My sister lives here, so this one is kind of a gimme. I’ve had a great time the few occasions I’ve been there. The weather is much more temperate, and it’s just a little bit calmer.
  • Chicago, IL – We visited for the first time last summer, and I fell in love. It’s so beautiful right on the river, and it just seemed like such a clean, friendly city.
  • Orlando, FL- I have family here too, and I love Florida. The fresh produce, the backyard pools. I could get down with that. Honestly, all I really know is my grandparents retirement community and the Magic Kingdom, but those both sound pretty cool to me.
  • Washington DC- It’s our nation’s capital. The food is delicious. The architecture is breathtaking, and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom right now. Need I say more?
  • Wherever the Pioneer Woman Lives, OK- I don’t know much about Oklahoma (Ooooooklahoma!) but cows and prairie as far as the eye can see? Yes please.
  • Austin, TX- I have friend who grew up in Austin, and she always makes it sound like such a cool, fun city. I’d love to visit.
  • Montana-Some days a state with more cows than people sounds amazing. Plus doesn’t this
  • look amazing?
  • Denver, CO- I’ve never been here either, but I always hear about what a beautiful, active city it is. Seems pretty great.
  • Arizona- Visting Arizona, I just couldn’t stop staring at those beautiful purple mountains. Seeing the New York skyline every night is wonderful, but sometimes a girl just needs mountains.
  • South Carolina– Again, I’ve got a lot of family here, and we vacationed in Hilton Head one summer, and it was beautiful. The weather is perfect (I love it crazy hot) and the Spanish Moss everywhere just makes me smile.

At the end of the day, I’m very happy and lucky to live where I live. I know every city has good and bad points, and I truly think I’ve found the perfect place for me, but it’s still fun to wonder, what if? In case you need motivation for your dream cities Forbes put together a list of the 20 healthiest cities in America and I think most of them sound pretty great too. I guess I’ll add them to the Must See list. It’s that kind of daydreaming that’s going to get me through the next 16 hours of training. See you tomorrow!


Are there any great cities I missed?

Is your city the perfect city for you or do you dream of living somewhere else sometimes too?


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Dream Cities

  1. We live right outside DC soooo I love it here, and would never move away.. well I take that back I think I would love to live in a quaint little town in Nashville or something.. but I would never leave 🙂


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