Better something than nothing

Normally, I’m a morning workout person. I know that if it doesn’t get done before the day starts, something will come up, and it will never get done. The last three days though I had to be in the city so much earlier than normal that working out before leaving wasn’t really an option. Monday wasn’t a problem because that was a rest day, and Tuesday Chris and I went on a bike ride together. Last night, however, presented a problem. I knew I wanted to work out, but I also knew we had a happy hour scheduled for the evening. Originally, I thought I’d get out of training early and workout and shower before happy hour. It just turned out that I got out of training around 1 and felt too guilty taking the rest of the day off (I’m a nerd), so I went back to my office.

When I got home for the day, I had a decision to make. I could workout, but it would be cutting it really close or… I could skip the workout.  My experience has taught me that some workout is better than no workout, so I decided to go for it. It was absolutely the right choice. I jumped on the spin bike for 20 minutes of intervals and followed that up with some full body circuit weight training, and I felt amazing. I had a huge endorphin rush that sent me to happy hour feeling like I was on cloud nine.

The only problem was I had to go right from the gym to happy hour which meant I looked like this

Shiny faced and apparently a little bit nervous. Don’t worry though; I put on 87 pounds of eyeliner to make up for my sweaty face. In all seriousness, I felt a little weird showing up to happy hour in workout capris and sneakers (it’s a casual bar, but still), but I knew I’d feel wonky if I didn’t work out, so for me, it was worth it. When you’re trying to be healthy, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that unless you can run 10 miles/devote 2 hours to the gym it’s not worth it, but the truth is, it’s always worth it. Something is always better than nothing.

After refueling responsibly with M&M’s in the dark

I met the crew at the Beer Garden. It was a nice afternoon, so we sat outside for a bit.

We were the only ones there. Not really, but I felt weird taking pictures of other people.

We hung out for a long time. After the sun set and it got chilly, we moved inside to keep warm.

I had grand plans of making tilapia and veggies tonight, but we got home at 10 (on a school night!), so we opted for reheated leftovers, and they did just fine.

Overall, I’m really glad everything worked out the way it did. At the end of the day, no one cared that I was at the bar in my gym clothes, and I was really glad I got my workout and time with friends. Some days, you’re just lucky enough to have it all.



Are you a morning or afternoon workout type?

Is there anything that will make you miss a workout or do you schedule your life around your workouts?


One thought on “Better something than nothing

  1. Good for you! We skipped the gym last night (too sore, made dinner plans), but sometimes you just gotta suck it up and go workout. My friend and I did go for a walk before dinner, so maybe that counts for something?!


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