Friday Favorites- 4/6

Good morning! Contrary to last week, this week actually flew by for me. It’s funny. It’s always the ones you think will drag that speed on by.

Last night we had a 5 mile tempo run on the schedule, but life got in the way, and before I knew it, it was 7:30 and we hadn’t left the house yet. We were feeling pretty drained , so I proposed we run the 5 miles, but at an easy pace, and Chris happily agreed.

As I was waiting and waiting for this

I decided that I probably wouldn’t want to cook dinner when we got home, so we agreed on takeout from our favorite place. It’s been way too long since we ordered from them anyway; they were probably beginning to think we died. I brought my phone with me and ordered when we reached our turnaround point. The food arrived like 10 minutes after we stepped back in the apartment. It was wonderful.

Chicken Scallopini with rice. YUM.

I know many people have off today for Good Friday, and I’m crazy jealous of that. I’m at work. We might get an early release. They’re pretty shady about letting us know in advance, so I still have no idea, but I’m holding out hope. Anyway, while I’m here, these are some things making me happy this Friday.

Favorite Yum- Mayo Free Honey Mustard Chicken Salad– Everything IGE makes looks delicious, but this has inspired me to get a little creative with my lunches. I’ve got to try this.

Favorite Looks Too Good to Eat… Almost– This is the type of cake you plan a wedding around.

Favorite Thing I Need to Make Immediately- Loaded Mashed Potatoes– Um. Need these.

Favorite Why is This Not My Bedroom?– This just looks like heaven. I would seriously never go to work if my bed looked like that, so maybe it’s a good thing it’s not my bedroom.

Favorite I Need These Yesterday– How could you ever have a bad day with these on your couch when you walked in the door?

Favorite Dream Home– I know it’s a light house, but I bet it’s for sale, and it’s in Long Island!! My commute wouldn’t even be so bad.

Favorite Funny– We’ve been re-watching Arrested Development on Netflix over here, and it’s just as funny the 33rd time as it was the first. If you haven’t seen it, you really should.

Favorite I Would Wear This– I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate orange into my wardrobe, and I think the blue-orange combo is just great.

Favorite New Pet Obsession– Maybe it’s that swan I saw the other day, but I’ve decided I need an inquisitive bird in my life.

In other news, the stuff that delayed my run yesterday pertains to a decision I’ve been pondering for a while now. I think I made my choice. I’ll do a post soon and fill you in on what it is I’ve decided on. I’m pretty excited about it all.

If you’re celebrating anything this weekend or even if you’re just celebrating the weekend, I hope you have a glorious one!


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