Weekly Prep- 4/9

Happy Monday! I hope you had a beautiful weekend. If you celebrated anything, then I hope you’re celebrations were wonderful.

We has gorgeous weather for a great weekend. We spent Friday in the city enjoying happy hour with our friends. Saturday was our 10 mile training run. The weather was pretty perfect for it, 65 and very sunny. Unfortunately, I was tragically under-hydrated, and by the end of the run I felt slightly delirious and so parched my eyeballs felt dry. I came home and drank 1.5 Gatorades and felt instantly better. Lesson learned; it’s high time to start taking these training runs very seriously and eating and drinking much more consciously.

Yesterday I woke up too early … again. I took advantage of my quiet morning time to finish the third book in the Maze Runner series, Death Cure. It was meh. I’ll do a full review on the series soon, but I wasn’t thrilled. I agree that if you liked the Hunger Games, you’ll like this series, but the Hunger Games it is not. Next on my reading list is The Night Circus, and I’m very excited. Don’t let me down.

After my reading break, the rest of the morning was a whirlwind of sorts. I discovered these treats left out by the Easter Beagle **cough cough, me**

Then, I did some baking to bring to Chris’ family’s house for Easter.

Chocolate Coconut Macaroons (which I will give you the crazy easy recipe for soon) and Whole Wheat Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip Cookies (which I over baked by accidentally setting the oven to 400 rather than 350). They were still yummy.

After baking, I made a light breakfast before beginning the fast that would last until Easter feast. I photographed Chris’ breakfast because it was prettier than mine

The weather was too nice to pass up, so we went on a super speedy (like 20 minutes) bike ride around town before coming home to shower and get ready. After getting clean and purty, it was off to Central Jerz.

Chris’ mom made all of the food with a side of everything. Seriously. There was pasta with meatballs, delicious baked pesto chicken, broccoli, bread and antipasto. So good. So full.

It almost pains me to write about any more food this week, but I know you’re waiting with baited breath to see what we’ll be eating this week (hah!), so here you go:

  • Monday- honey mustard pretzel crusted chicken tenders with roasted broccoli (this is a carryover from last week that I didn’t get a chance to make)
  • Tuesday- artichoke shrimp scampi over linguine (also a carryover)
  • Wednesday- chicken fried rice
  • Thursday- leftovers*
  • Friday- turkey veggies over rice
  • Saturday- My Birthday Dinner!
  • Sunday- Out to dinner

* After several weeks of planning 7 meals only to eat 5-6 at home, I’ve finally learned to schedule a day where we just plan on eating leftovers unless we go out. That way we don’t ever waste food which is my #1 pet peeve in the kitchen.

And here’s our workout schedule (it’s the last week of our training plan before taper!!)

  • Monday- rest day
  • Tuesday- 3 miles or bike ride and lift
  • Wednesday- 4 miles w 2x 1 mile repeats at speed pace
  • Thursday- 2 miles or bike ride and lift
  • Friday- spin bike and lift
  • Saturday- rest day
  • Sunday- Cherry Blossom 10k*

* This proves a little tricky for us. We have 11 miles on the schedule, but we’re registered for a local 10k. We’re thinking we’ll either run 5 miles on Saturday or double back and semi-repeat the 10k course on Sunday. Any suggestions?

It’s gong to be a good week folks. I feel it. It’s my last week as a 24 year old, so I’m going to be really wild and crazy. I might even stay up past 10pm one night. Probably not. Have a good one!

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Prep- 4/9

    • Haha it’s a tough call! Like, I think it’s probably better to run the full 11 in one day, but I also know I’m just going to want to be done when the race ends. Thanks for weighing in anyway!

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