Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!

Seriously, in parts of Italy, the number 13 means good luck, so I’m gonna go with that. Also, it’s my work birthday (my actual birthday is Sunday, so I’m considering today my work birthday). My lovely coworkers are actually taking me out to lunch on Monday, but I’m going to do something nice for myself today. I’m thinking of cashing in my Starbucks free birthday drink card for a venti, soy, chai latte. Sounds perfect.

I was planning on sharing some more of my favorite things with you today, but last night turned into a late one, and it wasn’t going to happen. Sorry. I know you live and die by my Pinterest boards. I promise I’ll have a really good one next week.

Why was I so busy you did not ask? Well…

Friends of ours, Andy and Saskia are engaged to be married in August. We actually helped Andy set up the surprise proposal last December.

Yeah we’re nerds, but check out the champagne and rose petals in the background. It was super cute.

The problem is, Saskia is from Germany, and her work permit in the US expired about a week ago, so she had to move home. Andy couldn’t get the proper documentation to move with her in time, so he’s stuck here for a few more weeks. He’s living on his brother’s couch and obviously a little heartsick, so I figured he could use a home cooked meal, plus we wanted to see him again before he moves to Germany. We invited him over for dinner, and last night was the night.

I rushed home from work to clean my dirty house. Between the vacuum, dust buster and various lint rollers, I picked up about 17 pounds of cat hair. Seriously, how does one very small cat shed so much?

Me? Unpossible.

I wiped down all the counters, lit some candles to make the place smell good and hid all our (literal and figurative) dirty laundry. For dinner I made the most delicious Shrimp Scampi I have ever had. I didn’t take any pictures because I’m a bad blogger, but it looked pretty much like this

I followed the recipe exactly, and it was actually pretty easy. I like dinner party meals that allow me to socialize while cooking, and this fit the bill perfectly. I served this up with salad and garlic bread, and it was a very complete meal.

We also enjoyed a lot of this

Red and white wine and homemade whole wheat dark chocolate chip cookies. They weren’t gluten free, so I only had one. Usually, I’m pretty modest about my baking skills, but these cookies are the bomb. They were the perfect blend of chewy and crunchy. Delicious. I used Betty’s recipe. After dinner and some very interesting discussions about the types of parents we think we’ll be someday (you know, In Vino Veritas and all that), we (Chris didn’t drink) drove Andy back to Weehawken to his brother’s house.

Being in Jersey City, we get pretty great views of downtown Manhattan, but  I had forgotten how amazing the Weehawken views of midtown Manhattan are. There’s just nothing that compares to that Empire State Buidling. I tried to capture some shots from the car, but these really don’t do it justice.


Today is a free jeans day at work (they usually make us pay $2-$5 if we want to wear jeans on Friday, and I’m cheap, so I don’t do that), so I’m living large over here

Tonight is the last long run on our half marathon training plan. You might remember that I faced a bit of a dilemma this weekend with a 10k where our long run should have been. Ultimately, we decided we wanted to get the long run in, so we’re doing 11 miles tonight. I’m nervous and excited and a little sad. Training with Chris has generated some of the best runs I’ve ever had, and I’m kind of bummed that it’s coming to a close. I know we’ll still run together, but we’ll never have another first training plan. It’s been a good one. He’s kind of my perfect partner.

Even when I look like the unibomber.

I’m really excited for the 10k this weekend too! I don’t think I’ve ever run a race on my birthday before. I hope it’s good luck.

I don’t know about you, but this weekend can’t get here quickly enough for me. I hope your Friday the 13th is fabulous. Remember, if you believe it’s lucky, it’s lucky.

It’s all about your state of mind. Make it a good one!

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