Mia Fiesta Cubano

Hola! First, let me say, did anyone see the wacky title of Saturday’s blog post (I’ve since updated it)? I wrote and published a normal post with a  normal title then went to take a shower making the tragic mistake of leaving my computer unattended and open. Somehow, by walking on the keys, Miles was able to re-title and update the post with a string of nonsense (maybe it makes sense to him?) characters. If I’ve told him once, I’ve told him 1000 times, he does not have administrative privileges on the blog!


Wonky title aside, Saturday went pretty much according to plan. We found a new and interesting beer to bring to the house party. It’s called River Horse, and it’s a local NJ brew! We pick our beers based off the labels, and these had hippos on them, so they were winners.

It’s called Hop Hazard, and it’s really good if you really like hops, which I do. Chris was not a fan. Luckily, someone brought Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat (that’s a Chris favorite), so crisis was averted.

After the party, we ended up going to Hamilton Inn. I like what I know, and I was not let down. The food was delicious. I had salmon with mashed potatoes, and Chris had the turkey burger and we were both totally satisfied.

We were up bright and early yesterday to head to Newark for the Cherry Blossom 10k. We were a little afraid it was going to get rained out, but it turned into probably the nicest day we’ve had all year here. The weather was actually a bit warm for a race, but it was nice to feel some sunshine!

Pre-race, ready for anything, and sort of overdressed.

When I picked up my packet, the fact that I am now a year older  finally hit me.

Weird. 25-29 age group!

It was a great way to ring in 25. I haven’t checked our official times yet, but according to the Garmin, the race was a little  long (more like 6.4 miles) and we finished in 1:07. Chris didn’t tell me beforehand, but his goal was to finish in under 1:10, so I’m really we were able to make that happen! I smiled for every race photographer I saw, so I’m really hoping for some good race pics. Finally. I’m sure they’ll be a disaster though, so I’ll share when I get them.

After our run, we headed to my favorite Newark diner (it’s New Jersey; it’s impossible to pick a favorite diner, so I split them up by cities) Tops!

That’s a delicious California omelet with spinach, onions, avocados, mushrooms, and swiss cheese covered with sour cream. Yeah, I don’t mess around when it comes to diner breakfasts. Notice how I couldn’t even wait to take a bite long enough to take a picture? It was that good.

After getting our smelly selves home and cleaned up, we headed to the Beer Garden to meet up with some of my friends from work. One girl had a birthday last weekend, the other has a birthday today, so we celebrated outside together in the beautifully warm weather.

Chris had told me two weeks ago that he wanted to take me to this Cuban place in Jersey City that I’ve never been to but that he often goes to during the week for lunch. I kept insisting that we go from the Beer Garden directly to dinner because I’m a control freak I was hungry, but he told me we REALLY NEEDED to go home. Ok then. We’ll stop home. Jeez. As I was checking my phone (the one day a year I get Facebook notifications) I heard Cuban music, and noticed he had pulled up a Cuban Pandora station. I thought it was little odd, but figured he was just getting me psyched up for dinner. That’s when confessed that he was a dirty liar. We weren’t going for Cuban food, he was cooking Cuban food for us!

I was floored! I’ve never had a boy cook me dinner from a recipe before! I was so impressed.

He had researched recipes, bought all the ingredients sneakily and was all set to make an amazing meal.

It was weird not to be in control of my kitchen, but I didn’t really mind at all.

He made grilled garlic chicken, fried plantains and rice. It was the total package!

Check out those grill marks! It was so sweet and really good too! I love fried plantains, and these were spot on.

While we feasted, Miles exhausted himself playing with the tissue paper that my gift came in.

The gift, by the way, was also ridiculously cute. Remember when I posted this Friday Favorites? Where I pointed out these ridiculously cute owl mugs that I needed in my life

Well, I am now the proud owner of said mugs, and my life is monumentally better!

They’re incredibly cute. I’m going to find a way to eat every meal out of them from now on. When asked how he knew I wanted them, he said, “I read it on the blog, obviously.” That’s one smart boy. I’m a lucky girl.

We spent the rest of the night merengue-ing to Cuban Pandora (really, I looked it up on YouTube!). It was perfect, I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do any sort of meal or workout planning. It was my birthday. I just didn’t feel like being responsible. I’ve got a trip to the grocery store in my future tonight, and I’m sure I’ll fill you in then. I hope your Monday is lovely!

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