Friday Favorites- 4/20

Hi there and happy Friday! It’s been an absolutely crazy week for me. I think I’ve only eaten 2 meals at home this whole week. That’s crazy. Luckily, it’s been mostly good things.

Monday my coworkers took me out to a late birthday lunch at Cafe Sage, a Thai restaurant downtown.

Shrimp Pad Thai never disappoints. One of my coworkers even baked me gluten free brownies!

These were extra chewy and delicious, so I asked her if she did anything different and she said she used a mix but decided to add an extra egg. I will definitely be doing that the next time I make gfree brownies.

Tuesday night I went for a haircut. It was just me and the lady, Estelle, who usually cuts my hair. She’s like this totally fiery broad, and she tells the wackiest stories. The haircut lasted like 90 minutes, but it was worth it because she had me cracking up.

Pre cut

It’s a good look for me, and post cut:

Not smiling with teeth because I think there’s food in them and I can’t find my floss. Under the glowing fluorescent lights of my office (and no I can’t really wear a sleeveless top, but I’m going to until someone yells at me because it’s hot as bawls in here). It looked much cuter when she blew it out, but I’m a dummy who forgot to take a picture, so you get my post shower, post blow dry, post slept on, re-straightened version.

Wednesday night I met with my ladies & wine book club to discuss the Hunger Games (mostly we just debated what we thought Peeta should have looked like in the movie) and drink 1/2 priced malbecs. I was so shocked to find out that lots of the girls were really disappointed in the movie! I loved it. I thought it was very true to form, but maybe I’m just easy to please?

Yesterday was a whirlwind start to finish, but I got to meet my friend Steph for sushi after work and enjoyed the heck out of seaweed salad and a tempura sweet potato roll. Now, I am a puffy faced monster from all that salt, but it’s Friday, so I don’t care!

On the sched for this weekend is a trip to my favorite Cuban place (Cuban twice in one week? Yes please), a trip down to New Brunswick to check in for the half marathon and pick up our race kits. While there we’re going to the crummy DMV so I can get my license renewed (25 now baby!), address changed finally and get the title to my car officially transferred to my name (I have to remove the lien the lending company has on it). It’s going to be a busy (and probably boring) day, but Sunday is the half marathon! I hope!

The weather still stinks. There’s rumors they might shorten the race, which for me would be worse than if they cancelled it. I’m bummed because I hate wasting money, and I paid for a half marathon, not a 10 miler, but mostly I feel really bad for Chris. This is his first half marathon. He worked so hard and put in every training run. He was so looking forward to it, and now the whole thing kind of feels like a bust. If we run it, we have to run it in the rain, which sucks. If it gets cancelled, all our training culminates in nothing really, which sucks. If it gets shortened, then he can tell people he ran a 10 miler, but not a half marathon, which sucks. There’s no way around it. This just kind of sucks.

Sorry to be a downer, but I want to write a letter to Mother Nature, and tell her to get her ish together and fast. Nobody bums my baby out! Nobody!

I’ll get to work on my letter. Here’s some things that do not suck this Friday 4/20.

Favorite Neighborhood- Mine! These trees (I don’t think they’re cherry blossoms?) are in full bloom, and walking home through a shower of pink petals is pretty much heaven.

Favorite Summer Sweet Treat– Blueberry Cupcakes. These would make the most beautiful addition to any backyard BBQs this summer.

Favorite Savory Yum– Homemade Tomato Soup. Tomato Soup is Chris’ favorite, and I think he’d be floored if I managed to make this.

Favorite Thing I Will Someday Create– Book Cave. Book Cave>Bat Cave

Favorite Quote- By Albert Einstein. He should know about genius.

Favorite Place I Must Visit– It’s a bridge. Through a river. It blows my mid.

Favorite Funny– Please read this all the way to the end. I died.

Favorite Guilty as Charged– An interesting article on words food bloggers should stop using immediately. I’ve probably used half of them in this post alone.

Favorite Cute- I literally do almost this exact same thing to Chris as soon as he walks in the door from work. Don’t worry, he loves it. I think.

I hope some of these made you happy this Friday too! And if you’re in Colorado, maybe steer clear of UC Boulder today.


Happy Friday!!


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