Thursday Things

Hi. Everything is crazy these days. Seriously, I feel like I have so much to share, but nowhere to start, so I figured I’d make a list and share some things that are going on and going through my mind.

But first… race pictures from the half marathon are in!! I don’t love them because you can barely see us crossing the finish line, and I wish there were close ups, but there were some good ones especially considering how gross out it was that day.

I tried to smile, but it kind of just looks like I have to pee. Womp.

There’s Chris apparently dragging me over the finish line.

Seriously, how cute is this kid?

It would make me mad that he looks so good when I look like this

thumbs up is such a good look for me. derp.

Except it doesn’t make me mad because he’s mine, and that makes me happy.

Moving swiftly on. Welcome to my headspace.

  • The weather is driving me crazy. It was so lovely last week, and now it’s so cold and flip floppy. I want it to be warm so I can take a book and my lunch outside and read in the middle of the day rather than sit at my desk for 8 entire hours.

Monday- no sun. The sun will never be back. There should be buildings where that white space is.

Wednesday- brilliant sunshine to burn your eyeballs off. Don’t worry, it rained later.

  • A good, dear friend of mine just told me that she’s pregnant. It’s a secret, but I trust you. I’m so happy I could burst!
  • Tonight I’m going to happy hour with Chris and some friends in the city! This is both exciting and exhausting. These things run long, and it’s a school night people! We’re going to Jebon Sushi on the LES to listen to a live performance by the son of one of my co-workers. His name is Jay Loftus, and his stuff is good. He’s legit, so I’m excited to hear him play live. If you happen to be on the Lower East Side, doors open at 7. There’s a $10 cover but then I think drinks are 2 for 1. Maybe it’s not a school night for you, and you can come drink your face off while I laugh/cry about being up way past my bedtime.
  • I can’t stop drinking Chai tea. With vanilla almond milk and agave please.

mug gifted to me by Chris from theoatmeal– love those bobcats.

  • Chris told me Monday that he already misses running. I’m in heaven. I could never manage to find a running buddy as maniacal as myself, so I created one! Mwah ha ha.
  • I miss running too. I think we’ll run tomorrow. I can’t wait.
  • The 5 Boro Bike Tour is May 6, and I really wish I had more time to get my bike skills up to snuff. We’re doing it with our dear friend TRAVIS. Travis is driving up from Illadelphia to stay with us, then joining us for the biking adventure. Travis and Chris did this together last year, so I’m awfully scurred I won’t be able to keep up. The last time I biked 42 miles was never, so I’m a little out of shape. Anyway, surely Travis, Chris and I will have a blast. (Travis Travis Travis informed me that a search of the  blog reveals he’s not yet been mentioned by name, so I’m looking to right my wrong. Is that good?)
  • Friday is the 1 year anniversary of Chris and my first date. Time really flies, huh? This time last year did not include spending 70% of my time with Chris and 30% of my time (work, bleh) missing him. It was just 100% missing him, and that’s too sad for me to even think about, so I won’t.
  • I made the easiest, yummiest, healthiest recipe I’ve made in a long time on Monday. Cooked Quinoa with garlic and olive oil sauteed kale and chicken sausage. It was divine. I wish I hadn’t eaten it all so I could have some more right now.

don’t worry. it tastes far less blurry than it looks.

  • Last night I came home to the delicious smells of BBQ as I had put some frozen chicken breasts and BBQ sauce in the slow cooker and left it all day. Reason number 47 I love the slow cooker.

check out that rouge green bean.

  • I have been ravenous since our half marathon. I cannot stop eating all the things.
  • This weekend Chris and I are driving to South Carolina (like way south, like 12 hours). We’re giving my mom my car and downsizing to just one for our small family up here. We’re flying back early next week. I am mucho excited. We drove down there once last summer, and we had an absolute blast. We listened to XM radio (Lithium station, anyone?) the whole time, and it really flew by. Chris is a great road trip driver and I am a great road trip snack opener/feeder, iPhone navigator and Wikipedia looker upper. When you have these long car discussions, great debates arise, and you often have to head to the cloud to find out the answers. Enter the Wikipedia black hole.
  • I get to see my mama and both my sisters this weekend, which is just awesome. Miles has to stay home with the cat sitter. Don’t worry. He thinks that’s pretty awesome too.

I shall refrain from judging the sitter, but I shall resume judging you the minute you come home.

  • I’ll take road trip pictures but none will include my face because 12 hours in the car is a terrifying look on anyone.
  • It’s going to be 80 90 degrees there. I’m never coming back. See number 1.
  • I feel a little like a meatball lost in the sauce now that half marathon training is over. I’m going to try and bring back actual weekly workout schedules that I will stick to rather than just laughing at. I want to pick things up and put them down. I also want to get stretchy again. I have a Living Social deal for 2 months of unlimited Yoga that I think I’ll cash in for May. Definitely.

I think that’s all. It doesn’t really seem crazy when I put it all down. That’s why I love you guys. You make me feel just a little less crazy. Enjoy the rest of the best day of the week!


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