April Wrap Up and May Goals

I know it’s May 3. I’m obviously a little late here. Maybe I’ll make one of my May goals to do my May wrap up on time. Probably not though. That’s a lame goal even for me.

Here’s an update on my progress for my yearly goals:

  • Complete 12 random acts of kindness– Still on Track! I did 2 more last month for a total of 8 to date!
  • Pay off my car– Done! I just passed the car off to my mama this past weekend, so this goal is officially off the list.
  • Donate 24 hours of my time– Still FAIL City. 0 hours to date. I know I promised I’d share my revised strategy with you guys, but I still can’t really talk about it yet. I can say that my strategy of trying to pick 1-3 hour projects every couple of weekends wasn’t really working for me. I need a set schedule of volunteer duties to flourish, so I decided to take on a pretty large, long term commitment. It’s for an organization near and dear to my heart, and it’s kind of a fun blast to the past. I promise as soon as I get the official word, I’ll let you know more!
  • Run 2 half marathons– Halfway there!!! Chris and I ran the Rutgers Half Marathon on April 22, and had a blast. I picked that one, so Chris gets to pick our Fall Half. He’s been looking at everything from Philadelphia to various international halfs, so I’m dying to know what his final decision will be.
  • Learn 3 new skills– Only 1 (2 guitar chords) to date. No new skills in March or April. I’ve already asked Chris to teach me how to tune up a bike, so I’ll be counting that a learned skill in May.
  • Read 12 books– On track! I read 2 books in April (The Death Cure and Room), so I’m at 7 to date! I’m currently reading the Night Circus, but I must not find it too compelling because I already put it down to read Room, and I just put it aside again to read The Help. I’m not sure why really. It’s a beautifully written book, and the subject matter is really interesting, but there’s nothing about it that makes you just want to keep reading for hours like other books. I’ll pick it back up soon, and hopefully I’ll get more into it.

Miles run for April were 67 (up 5 from March’s 62) for a total of 211 run for the year! I didn’t set it as an official goal in January, but I’m still on track to break 500 for the year, which would be just great.

My additional April goals were:

  • Track spending like a good little budgeter and develop a household budget- Success! I tracked everything, did some hardcore budget analysis, and I think I finally have a complete idea of money in and money out for the month around here. If you’re interested in how my budget works, I talked about it here.
  • Strength train twice a week- I honestly didn’t keep track, but this was probably a fail. It was probably overly ambitious of me to make this goal while in the last leg of half marathon training.
  • Set up 4 friend dates– Fail. I only made it to 3, but it was a really crazy month.
  • Ring in my 25th year feeling extra great!– Success! I ran a 10k on my 25th birthday before dancing the night away with my best friend, so I’d say I was feeling about as great as it gets.

Spring always makes me feel like I can take on the world. Something about the finally warmer but not too hot temperatures just make me want to get out and do something. This month will also be my first month without any races to look forward to. I’m not training for anything, so I have some freedom to set some more ambitious workout goals. There’s a couple other projects I’d like to tackle too. For May, I’d like to:

  • Learn how to tune up my bike
  • Cash in my Living Social Deal for a month of unlimited Yoga and hit up the yoga studio twice a week– It’s sort of silly to use an unlimited deal any less
  • Incorporate strength training into at least 2 workouts a week– If Yoga is particularly intense, I might chalk that up to a strength workout
  • Make 3 friend dates– Believe it or not, meeting up with friends once a week is just not really possible these days, but I’m going to try and keep my momentum going and aim for another 3
  • Find an upcoming 10k and train for speed– Now, that Chris and I have some distance under our belts, I think it’d be fun to work on getting speedy. I don’t want to put too much pressure on the fall half, so I’d love to find a 10k and train for a sub 1:05. I miss my track workouts!
  • Clean and really organize the house– we’re due for a deep clean, and I’d like to get that done this month before Wedding Season officially begin and our weekends start to very quickly fill up.
  • Visit the farmer’s market– May is prime New Jersey farmer’s market time, so I’d love to get to a local one at least once
  • Discover 1 new Jersey City neighborhood on foot– I read a Wikipedia article on Jersey City, and it got me thinking of how little I know about most of it, so I’d love to walk (or run!) through 1 new to me neighborhood now that the weather is a little lovelier. I’ve lived in Journal Square and Paulus Hook. I’m familiar with the Heights and Hamilton Park, but I’d love to know more about the Power House district.
  • Take a hike! – Driving to South Carolina past all those beautiful mountains, plus enjoying our hot hike there made me really want to take a quality New Jersey or New York hike sometime this spring.
  • Help Chris ring in 27 feeling great!– May 8 is Chris’ birthday, and I just can’t wait to shower him with some birthday lovin’


Do you have any goals for a marvelous May?


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