Bike New York Expo

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Truthfully, we celebrated a little early on Thursday with chicken fajitas (minus the tortillas) and spanish rice and beans.

This is one of my favorite easy meals, and when I planned it earlier this week, I didn’t even realize it would be a stand in for Cinco de Mayo. We ended up eating tacos anyway today, but they were consumed before any pictures could be taken. Don’t worry, they taste better than they look anyway.

Tomorrow is the 5 Boro Bike Tour (42 miles through Manhattan!), so we’ve been going easy on the running in order to save our legs. We did 3 miles on Monday, 4 on Tuesday and another 3 on Thursday. We had plans to run yesterday after the expo too, but it ended up being much more of a production (and a much farther walk) than we expected, so we skipped it in favor of rest.

Anyway, back to the expo. Yesterday, Chris joined me in the city after work to walk on down to Basketball City and pick up our stuff.

It was a pretty big expo for sure. It wasn’t an unpleasant experience but it could have been run more smoothly. There were 32,000 registered participants, so I’m comparing it to the Chicago Half Marathon because that was around 40,000 runners, but I thought that was better organized.

The first annoyance was that communication was spotty. They sent us an email with a list of things to print and bring, but when we got there, the asked to see a printed copy of another email that they hadn’t originally asked us to print. Luckily, we pulled the email up our own phones, but I quite like being prepared and definitely would have printed it if I had known.

They did allow us to pick up packets for other people, which meant we were able to grab Travis’ information for him, so that was cool. The whole expo was set up like a little city too, which was neat.




The place was huge, and all the vendors were really nice. Chris was this close to buying a new bike.



Luckily, he did not because with 2 bikes, 5 guitars, 1 bass (the instrument, not the fish), 1 cat and at least 20 pairs of shoes, things were getting a little crowded in our Jersey City apartment.

It bums me out that the bike tour didn’t come with a tee shirts like races do, especially since the cost was pretty equal to a half marathon. I almost bought a shirt yesterday, but they were a bit too steep for me. $25 for a cotton tee shirt is too rich for my blood, still it was a good expo. The best part of any expo? The food of course! The tour is sponsored by Parmesan Cheese. How cool is that? I want Parmesan cheese to sponsor my life.




Yum. You won’t see a lot of cheese on the blog because Chris is lactose intolerant, but I do love me some free cheese. We also snagged some unpictured carrot juice by Odwalla, which I now want to find and buy for my morning smoothies. It has just the right amount of sweetness and an awesome color. We also got these yummy bars.


I dug into the Banana Nut right there, and it tasted just like banana bread. I had the Superfood one today, and it was good, but a very surprising (and sort of off putting) green color. Weird. Must be the spirulina.

After getting our fill of free samples, we walked what felt like 28 miles but was probably only 7 .5, back to the ferry, which I have actually never taken before because, like the tee shirts, $7 EACH WAY is way too rich for my blood. Luckily, my knight in shining armor ponied up for the tickets. Unluckily, I discovered that those little boats make me very sick. It is a much more scenic mode of transport than the underground PATH train though.







And, no, I don’t know any of those people, but taking pictures of them made me feel less like I might puke. Fortunately, it was a quick ride before we were home sweet home.


And boy was I glad to be back on dry land. I’m more than a little nervous about taking the Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan for the start of tomorrow’s bike ride. Chris has assured me it’s a smoother ride because the boat is so much bigger, but I might pop a Dramamine just in case.

After our three hour tour, we came home and made some dinner


I didn’t have too much of an appetite after that (yet I always have a stomach for wine), but the honey mustard chicken fingers and green beans were still yummy. We watched Glen Gary Glen Ross last night too. It was a first for me, and I liked it, but I think I’d prefer to see it in play form as it’s mostly dialogue. I had hoped to hit the sack early but ended up staying up way too late reading The Help. I’m now officially engrossed.

This morning we had our usual eggs and pancakes breakfast and remarked on how crazy the last couple of weeks have been. We spent last Saturday in the car on the way down to South Carolina, and before that, we were running our half marathon. We’ve been sort of non stop, so we relaxed a bit before diving into some to-dos. I cleaned out my files and shredded a whole garbage bag’s worth of papers. Chris got to work on the best man’s toast he’s delivering in June. Then we both tackled a full scale house clean. We vacuumed, mopped, dusted, wiped and washed our entire house. It was glorious. I even moved the couch to get a good vacuum in only to find this.


Apparently that’s where Miles keeps his stash of things he steals from us. I think it was 2 pens, 5 pencils, 3 hair ties, a box of mints, 2 lighters (for candles), a bottle cap and a pistachio. Quite the loot.

Right now, Chris is hard at work tuning our bikes and installing the new wireless speedometer I got him for an anniversary present. I think we’ll take those puppies out for a test ride soon, then it’s nothing but rest and relaxation before tomorrow’s 5 am wake up call. The weather is supposed to be pretty nice, and I cannot wait! See ya on the flip side!


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