Weekend Fun

Welp, we made it through Monday. Let’s all pat ourselves on the back. Go ahead. Great, now I’m actually going to backtrack a bit and recap the weekend. Since Chris’ birthday was on Tuesday, we did some serious celebrating this weekend.

On my way home, I swung through our neighborhood candy store, How Sweet It Is (yes we have a neighborhood candy store; it’s adorable) to pick up a dozen cupcakes

I got two of everything which included chocolate with chocolate frosting, pink lemonade, vanilla with raspberry frosting, banana bread, apple cobbler and, my personal favorite, red velvet. None of them were gluten free, but I had a few bites anyway. Those were for later though, we had to party first.

After cleaning the house and myself, everyone came over for some drink and apps

Laura & Travis

Jimi & Val – obviously very busy here

Chips & Salsa and White & Red Wine

After our whole crew arrived, we walked over to another neighborhood favorite, John’s Pizza, and like always, it was wonderful. Chris’ friends kindly asked for the girliest drink on the menu to be delivered to him, so he started the dinner off with a pear-tini. It was crazy strong. Not a girly drink if you ask me, but it was sort of pink.

After being way too loud and silly for a few hours, we trekked back to the apartment for some talks and laughs before everyone headed home for the night.

Well, almost everyone. Travis and Laura stayed the night because they live too far away. They slept on the couch. Travis likes cats; Laura hates them. Who do you think Miles cuddled with? Yep, he slept on Laura’s stomach all night long. Cats just know who to pick on, don’t they?

They left pretty early the next morning because Laura had work (what a trouper!), so when we woke up a few hours later to the best weather we’ve had in months, we had to capitalize on it! Neither of us was up for a run, so we opted to take the bikes out to Liberty State Park and then along the waterfront on our way to get some lunch in Hoboken.

On our way to Hoboken, we passed a new park that’s been under construction for  a few months, but, I guess is finally finished, and it was impressive! There was a cute playground and this awesome faux beach set up with real sand. It was packed too! I guess they picked a good spot.

Right across from the park were my arch enemies, the geese, but they got a free pass from my loathing because they had their adorable little goose nugget of a baby with them. After some polite gawking, we said goodbye to the geese and moseyed on to Hoboken because we were getting HANGRY!

We biked over to this delicious Italian deli, Vito’s, with outside seating and fed our faces. I had a huge Italian salad with lettuce, roasted peppers, sun dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, grilled chicken and balsamic vinegar.

It was so good. I wanted to eat more, but I knew we had a long bike ride home, so I quit while I was ahead.

We came back and rested for a while before driving down to central Jersey to meet up with Chris’ family at a steakhouse for some more celebrations. I really thought I would order a steak, but, when I looked at the menu, all I could think of was this

I’m a tortured psuedo-vegetarian, so I stuck with red snapper. It was still amazingly delicious. We headed back to the house for coffee, dessert and birthday cake, watched a little Goodfellas and left around midnight. It was a long night, but I think everybody had a  lot of fun.

We took our time getting up on Sunday, and I called my wonderful Mama to say Happy Mudders Day. She and my littlest sister were opening gifts over breakfast together, and I wished so badly, I could have been there with them celebrating too, but I was glad I got to talk to them. It looks like I’ll be able to see them in June again, so that would be awesome! Fingers crossed.

After getting up and getting ready, we started on the final birthday week surprise, which was my picnic for Chris. We hopped on our bikes again, this time outfitted with a backpack for a blanket and Chris’ DSLR and headed to a little sandwich called Park and Sixth shop to pick up our foods.

The only picnic-sized blanket we have is “The Bella Blanket”, so named because it looks like Chris’ family’s dog, Bella, we love it, but we had to laugh when we saw it spread out on the lawn. We felt like dorks, but we were hungry dorks, so we settled in and got started on lunch.

Another awesome salad with a less than savory name, The Garbage Salad, but garbage it was not. It was spinach and tons of roasted veggies with a huge piece of roasted salmon. On the side, we each devoured a bag of sweet potatoes fries that were totally greasy and salty and delicious.

After our picnic, I moved my pale self into the shade because I don’t mess around with the sun, and worked on finishing The Help while Chris took a million pictures of the skyline. I was so thankful for the beautiful clear skies.

Too pale for the sun.

My shot

His beautiful shots (they look even better on my computer, but I had to knock down the resolution to get them here)

Chris is getting so good with that camera, so it was fun to watch him work, and I’m really impressed with how the pictures came out. He said he had a great time, and I honestly did too.

After our photo sesh, we hopped back on our bikes for a little bit before heading home and collapsing. It was a fun but loooooong weekend. I’m glad I got to celebrate Chris, who is constantly doing so much for others, but by the end of the weekend, we were both exhausted. We spent the remainder of the evening on the couch eating and watching movies. It was a great end to a great weekend.

Alas, now it’s back to real life. Luckily yesterday was my last working Monday for three weeks (graduation, Memorial Day, wedding)! And I made it, so I’m super pleased with that. Here’s how the rest of my week looks…


  • Monday- weights & toning
  • Tuesday- bootcamp!
  • Wednesday- rest day
  • Thursday- tempo run & weights
  • Friday- easy run
  • Saturday- longer run
  • Sunday- rest day


  • Monday- shrimp and veggie stir-fry
  • Tuesday- turkey and veggie pasta
  • Wednesday- out on a friend date 🙂
  • Thursday- omelets and breakfast for dinner
  • Friday- turkey burgers
  • Saturday- salsa chicken chili
  • Sunday- chicken vesuvio

Make it a great week!


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