GOAR: Oh you fancy, huh? (aka the gear)

So, in my first GOAR, I talked about how you really don’t need a lot of stuff to get started running. Basically, invest in good shoes and socks. The fact that you don’t need a lot of gear is truly one of my favorite things about running, but once you’ve been running for a while, investing in some cute stuff is pretty fun. I’m kind of a minimalist when it comes to running, but I thought it’d be fun to put together some of my favorites and give you an idea of what a typical running outfit looks like for me.

top– Target Sleepwear Tee

I save most of my fancy tech tees (mostly ones I’ve gotten from running races plus one my grandpa got customized with “10k Katie”- they’re the cutest) and tank tops for races or long runs. If I’m just going out on a regular run, I prefer a light cotton top. I snatched (paid for) these at Target because they have all the things I look for. They’re v-neck (I hate regular collars touching my neck when I run), they’re super light weight, they’re long enough to cover my running-shorts-muffin-top and they’re colorful. They are, however, technically sleepwear, but I really don’t care, so I bought one in 4 different colors.

support– Champion for Target Sports Bra

I like cheap workout stuff, but I don’t like to go too cheap on sports bras because they fall apart and lose their support after about one wash, and that’s not cool with me. These bras from Champion via Target are my favorite. I like the thin straps better than the thick ones, but I’m sure that’s a preference thing. I’d say I can get a good year of running and washing out of these babies before they need to be replaced, and at $17 a pop, that’s a good deal. Just make sure you wash them separately the first few times as the color bleeds a lot. And air dry them only. That actually goes for most stretchy athletic gear; the elastic breaks down in the dryer, shortening their life.

warm weather bottoms– Nike Tempo Shorts

These are the only real (brand name) workout clothes I own. I’ve yet to find a non-big-name running short that I liked, but Old Navy comes really close. The problem with the ON ones are that the bottoms roll when you run and it ends up looking like you’re wearing a bikini bottom. Not cute. The Nike Tempos are perfect and classic for a reason. The waistline and cut really flatter, and you forget you’re wearing them (the best sign of good workout gear).


colder weather bottoms– Nike Pro Combat Tights

My favorite running tights ever are the Nike Pro Combat full length tights. I’m having a lot of trouble finding them right now and am sort of freaking out. The capris above are the exact brand, but, oddly, while I’ll wear capris to bike, I never, ever wear them to run. It’s not that you can’t, I just don’t. Hopefully, the long ones have just gone away for the summer.

Champion also makes some decent tights for Target, but they’re not my fave. UnderArmour makes tights that I hate because I find myself hitching them up the whole run. Basically, I spend the winter wearing one pair of tights and hoping for shorts weather to get here sooner.

undies- The only pictures I could find of the undies I wear are on a model, and this ain’t that type of show, so I’ll just tell you I go with Victoria’s Secret Yoga Thongs because they are discreet and stay put. If you wanna go commando, that’s cool too, but I generally like an extra layer.

socks- Surprisingly, I’m very picky about socks. I like them low cut, but with a high enough heel tab to avoid rubbing. I like a little cushion, but I want them super thin. They cannot be cotton, and I like them to stay dry my whole run. I can’t find the exact kind I buy, but I get them from Target too, and really, this is a personal, trial and error type thing.

the kicks– Mizuno Wave Riders

The loves of my life. My running shoes are, hands-down, the most expensive pair of shoes I own. They are most likely the single most expensive thing in my closet, and they are worth every cent. I’ve pretty much always worn Mizunos, but I did a brief stint with Brooks. I’m open to trying new brands, but once I find a shoe I like, I generally just buy the newest edition year after year. This year’s Wave Rider’s take the cake though. That red. I die.

bling– Garmin 305

Chirs got me this, and I love it. It’s a giant computer on your wrist, and it feels like that too, but you get used to it, and now it’s an invaluable tool for outdoor runs (if it ever finds a signal- it’s not so great in my area) and seriously helps for more complicated speed workouts. I didn’t think I’d love it as much as the Interwebs seem too, but I do, and I find myself checking my wrist even when I’m not wearing it. Chris actually originally got me the 405, but it malfunctioned after one use, so we sent it back. I actually opted to exchange it for the 305 rather than a working 405 because I found the touch bezel controls on the 405 really finicky and hard to get used to. I like real buttons much better.


This Road ID was another gift from Chris (see how color coordinated he is!), and I always wear it when I run solo. It gives me, and him (and my mama), peace of mind.


I rarely run with this anymore as I usually run with Chris, and don’t feel safe listening to music (or having my phone out of my hand) when I run alone, but when I race alone, I usually stuff my phone into this to either have with me to call up my homies post race or listen to music during the race. It keeps my phone (plus the cash/cards I usually stuff in there) nice and dry and has never given me any sort of arm irritation.

I pretty sure that’s it. If it’s cold out, I wear a black Champion fleece that I also got at Target and sometimes an earwarmer and gloves. I always wear Chapstick and a headband when I run, but you probably all know what Chapstick looks like. If you don’t email me, and I’ll send you a picture 🙂


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