Weekend Update

I used to love that segment on SNL. I can’t remember the last time I’ve actually watched Saturday Night Live. Chances are, if I’m up for that late, it better be for something better than a comedy variety show.

If you’re at work today, I’m so sorry. I really am. I’m not. Chris and I are driving out to Lehigh in Pennsylvania to celebrate his brother’s graduation. He’s a super smarty pants who’s actually getting his masters today. So cool. Don’t be too jealous of our day of playing hooky as it’s an outdoor graduation, and the forecast for today is garbage. Like rain and cold. So uncool. I guess I don’t really have a right to complain after this weekend’s weather, but I just did. Oh well. Let’s go back to the weekend, shall we?

Friday night was nice and relaxing. After a 35 minute run, we came back, cooked up some turkey burers on the Foreman grill and watched Tropic Thunder on TV. It was a mistake. The edited version of that movie is not nearly as good. We still got to laugh some though.

Saturday morning, after a brief pancake fail (I ran out of mix and attempted to make pancakes using only protein powder, oats, an egg and milk- they fell apart) we cleaned up around the house, and I went to town on my closet. It was getting dangerous in there, but it’s beautiful now. So fulfilling.

After our chores, we went walking in the city. We didn’t really have a definite plan. We just figured it had been a while since we’d explored New York City, and we wanted to walk around in the sunshine.

It was a gorgeous day that probably topped out at 80 degrees. We were both actually a little overdressed as we’re not used to such nice weather yet! We decided to explore the Lower East Side a little bit, and stumbled upon a street fair.

Turns out it was Ukraine Day! We bought a lemonade and walked around until about noon when we started getting hungry Luckily, we were pretty close to a favorite of ours, Yuca Bar . They had a great brunch special, $16 for food plus a mimosa or bloody mary. We’d had our eggs for the day for breakfast, so we opted for tapas for lunch.

Chips & Guac & Pico plus Coconut Shrimp and Fried Plantains. It was all crazy good. We left full and ready to conquer our city walk.

We wandered over to Tompkin Square Park, which is, in my opinion, the weirdest NYC park. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

The park was full of people in a variety of matching outfits. We had seen some street closures on the walk over, so we figured something was up.

Turns out we were right, and there was a giant dance party going on! We watched for a bit before moving on.

And wandering into a little flea market.

Don’t get too excited. We didn’t come back with any OMG amazeballs finds. It kinda sucked. It was mostly broken electronics and old VHS tapes

Always costume jewelry. Plus, there were a lot of single shoes. Like shoes without a match. Who buys those? The only things I could think of were hipsters who want to wear mismatched shoes or people with only one foot. Any other guesses?

We walked on and on and on to Union Square, also weird, but less so, and into the farmer’s market.

Much more my scene. From there, we walked up to 5th ave and did some clothes shopping We visited H&M, J Crew and Gap. H&M had a few cute things, but the lines were crazy long. Chris and I both had a lot of finds at J Crew. So many pastels and neons. I was in love.

I jumped on the spring mint colored clothing trend with these shorts, and they’re so cute and comfortable that I want a pair in every single color. Totally do-able. I just can’t eat next month. No biggie.

Gap was sort of a bust. I feel like all Gap makes are jeans and tee shirts (as opposed to work friendly options) now. That bums me out because I really liked their work clothes.

After our shopping, we walked all the way back downtown to the World Trade Center, swung through Starbucks, and hopped the PATH back to Jersey.

All the walking (Chris figures about 5 miles!!) left us both exhausted and sore, so we spent the rest of the night on the couch watching I Love You, Man. In case you’re wondering, it’s still hilarious.

Yesterday was another beautiful day, and we took advantage of it with an hour long run plus a little bike ride later in the day. The run was rough on me. My right hamstring was so sore from all the walking in not so great shoes Saturday, and it was warm. Even though it was still fairly early (10:30) it was hot (probably 75) and very sunny. We covered 5.5 miles, and I felt like I never found my stride. You know those runs. They’re not so fun. I felt pretty crummy towards the end of it, but I just tried to tell myself that some days are good and some are not so good. This was a not so good one, and I’m moving on.

I hope the rest of your Monday flies by (unless you’re doing something fun of course). I’m off to test out my new rain boots 🙂

Some eats for the week:

Some sweats:

  • Monday- Rest Day
  • Tuesday- 35 minute run
  • Wednesday- strength training
  • Thursday- 45 minute run
  • Friday- 35 minute run
  • Saturday- 60 minute run
  • Sunday- Rest Day

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