Back to Work

After a VERY rainy graduation yesterday, I’m back at work today. I’m thankful for the Monday off and already looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend. Although this is bumming me out


I don’t really like rain clouds over the sun every single day. I guess we were due for it though. The past few weekends have been so gorgeous, so it seemed only fitting that yesterday went like this

It rained pretty much non-stop from the time we left our apartment to about halfway through Chris’ brother, Rob’s graduation. It was entirely outdoors and pretty miserable. Luckily, I was well suited in my child’s rain coat and Target rain boots. We had our umbrellas, and Chris’ mom saved the day by bringing garbage bags which we draped over our laps. We mostly felt for the grads who were out there in the middle of the field getting soaked in their caps and  gowns. Some had umbrellas, but most did not.

Thankfully, the rain stopped, and the ceremony continued with a soggy crowd. It was worth it to spend time with family and cheer for Rob, who really has worked so hard this past year to get his masters degree. We enjoyed a great meal in Bethlehem,  PA and got to chat and catch up.

Unfortunately, the rain continued through our drive home, and once we finally got home and got out of our still-wet clothes, there was not much to do but this

Rainy days call for naps. Miles was originally in the exact same position as Chris, but he looked up as soon as I snapped the picture.

It was an early night for us all, and now we’re back to real life and more rain. Here’s hoping for sunny skies soon. Happy Tuesday.



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