Race Recap: Memorial Day 4 Mile Run

I’ll keep this short and sweet, just like the race.

I’d had my eyes on the Staten Island Memorial Day 4 Mile Run for a little while, since it’s in Staten Island, and that’s so close to us, but I wasn’t sure if we’d have the time (or energy) on Memorial Day weekend or if we’d really want to wake up early on our day off. A few weeks ago, when Chris’ adorable cousin Lauren mentioned that she and her boyfriend Pete (they live in Staten Island) were also thinking of doing it, that sealed the deal, and Chris and I decided we’d do it too!

We were good little runners and left our Sunday evening BBQs early and sober in order to get some quality sleep before this race. We were up at 6:30, which didn’t feel too jarring as that’s usually when we wake up on Mondays. We started the day with some cereal and coffee, and headed out the door at 7:15. We made it to Staten Island and parked by 8 with no problems at all. After a quick bathroom stop, we registered and got our numbers. We also got these super cool race tee shirts, but they’re about two sizes too big.

Still, they’re cute.

After dropping the rest of our stuff off at our car and meeting up with Lauren and Pete, we made one more quick trip to the bathroom before lining up to start.

Overall, the pre-race logistics ran pretty smoothly. Getting to the race and finding parking were easy peasey. Registration had a short and quick moving line. The cost was a bit steep for a 4 miler ($30) but I think it was only $20 if you registered early. They had real bathrooms which were pretty clean in the morning, but got gross as it got closer to the race.

The race was scheduled to start at 9am, and I think it started right on time. There were walkers and runners, and the walkers were supposed to start after the runners, but they were pretty interspersed and we spent the first 7 minutes weaving between said walkers.

The course itself was lacking in excitement. We ran the first half on the street. It was a bit boring with not too many people out and about, although we did get a few cheers. It was incredibly hot on the black top of the street. I don’t think the race organizers expected 75 degree weather with 80% humidity on Memorial Day, but it would have been a more pleasant race if it had started at 8 rather than 9 am. At about 1.75 miles, we ran up onto the boardwalk to head back to the start. The boardwalk was much more scenic and cooler than the street, and the last 2 miles passed much more quickly than the first. There were 4 water stops offering only water, but it was nice that they were there.

We ran at a conversational 11 minute mile pace because we were tired and hot and just wanted to talk and have fun. We ended up crossing the finish line at 45:30, but the race was chipped, so I imagine our official times will be shorter, but they’re not posted yet.

After passing through the finishers’ chute, we were offered water, Gatorade, bagels, bananas and oranges. It was a nice spread for a small race, and they were well stocked. We loaded up on some goodies then said goodbye to our friends because everyone was dying to get home and showered. We were sweaty messes.

Overall, it was a great Memorial Day race. It’s a small race, and it’s pretty much all locals, but the people were friendly, the course was flat and fast, and everyone had a really good (and sweaty) time. We’ll see you next year MD4MR!




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