And we’re off!

Guess what… I’m going to Miami tonight! That’s right, I’ll be down in Florida this weekend celebrating the wedding of our friends Donny & Amy.

And just like that, wedding season begins.

Probably too soon to start patting myself on the back.

I thought we were busy this summer when I found out we’d be attending 3 weddings until I spoke to a girl who will be attending 7 this summer! 7!! That’s crazy. Our wedding schedule is a bit more hectic because Chris is in 2 of the weddings and we’ll also be traveling to those 2. I’m a couple years younger than Chris, so I wasn’t really prepared for the wedding bonanza that occurs as you venture deeper into your twenties, but, I gotta say, it’s not bad. I like weddings. I love love and cocktail hours and food and dancing. But mostly food. And love. And food.

Chris is the best man ever in this wedding, which means he’ll be giving the toast! I’ve proof-read his speech, and it’s really good, so I think the bride and groom will be very pleased. I’m not sure how much time we’ll get to spend together (best men have a lot to do!), but I made sure to reserve one dance with my hot date.

I’ve spent the week cleaning and packing because I love coming home to a clean house, and I take forever to pack because I’m super meticulous about it- shocking, I know. We  scheduled the cat sitter, Miles’ girlfriend, to come hang out with him while we’re gone, and that makes me feel much more at ease about leaving him at home. Yes, cats can survive on their own for a few days, but when you have a very social cat (like we do) they get lonely and they’ll do stuff like not eat or poop on your floor. Both of those situations are no good, so it’s better for everyone if he has a buddy.

That lump under the blanket (the blanket we use to keep cat hair off the couch) is Miles. He know when we’re leaving and get’s very sad. That there is a very sad lump of cat. 

I  fly out tonight, but Chris has been there since yesterday afternoon taking care of best man duties. I had to stay and work (boo being an adult),  so I’ll be joining him when I land around 10 this evening. I am so flippin’ excited to see him! It’s pretty rare that we spend a night apart, and I am missing my main squeeze hardcore. I really feel for people who’s partners have to travel often for work. I’d manage, but I’d be pretty sad.

Also, I hate flying.

I wish we had gotten to fly together, but sometimes it is easier to deal with my airplane induced panic when it’s just me. I can sort of crawl inside my own head and zone out. I’m debating whether to go the “take Dramamine to ward off nausea and get that loopy fatigued feeling so I can maybe sleep through my nerves” or the “have a huge glass of wine at the airport, take my chances with nausea, but get that awesome I don’t really care at all feeling” route. Any thoughts?

I’ve got snacks for the flight, and I’m hoping to pick up something vaguely healthy and delicious at the airport for dinner because I imagine this will be a go-go-go type of weekend, and I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for silly things like meals or sleep. I also plan to finish The Night Circus (so on the fence with this book) on the plane so that I can start on Love the One You’re With (my book-club’s June selection) during any vacation downtime or as soon as I get back.

I packed my running stuff and my official goal is to hit the gym for a run once while I’m there, but ideally, I’ll make it more than once.  I really hope there’s a gym because Miami in June means I’d have to run before 7 am if I have to be outside. How do you do it, Floridians? It might be tough, but I’m a big time early bird, so I’m hoping to get some miles under my feet before the rest of the crew gets up and going every morning. It’s good for my sanity, which is good for everyone really.

yeah, not so much.

Truly, I’m not crazy excited for Miami itself. Places like Miami or Vegas or the like (big party cities) don’t really do it for me. I’m not a partier. If  you see me in a club, call the police because it’d be a case of the body snatchers. Don’t get me wrong, I like bars (to an extent) but clubs give me the willies. When I travel, I like to go to interesting places where I can see the sights, do some exploring and learn more about an area. The insides of clubs look the same everywhere. Still, it’s been years since I visited Miami, so I’m willing to give it a chance to surprise me, and I’m very thankful for the opportunity to take a little vacation. That’s not something anyone should ever complain about, so I’ll stop!

The days leading up to a trip, including the travel, are the most stressful for me (and I have definitely been feeling it this week), which maybe explains my sort of downer mood today. I”m sure I’ll be in a better mental place when I touch down in Miami. I’m already looking forward to palm trees, good friends and of course the wedding! That’s really what this trip is about, and when I remember that, I start to feel better. In fact, I think I can hear the ocean already…


Have a beautiful weekend!


2 thoughts on “And we’re off!

  1. Hopefully you can find some quieter areas of Miami to do some relaxing in the sun/near water, rather than the party scene and all. I somehow have no weddings to attend, but I think that’s because I had FIVE in October. October is apparently the new summer? It was odd.

    And I’d say wine over dramamine, but that’s because I like wine ;D And because drowsy pills make me feel panicky–and yes, I’m well aware that that is the opposite effect from what they’re supposed to have.

    Hmm, Night Circus is on my list of books to read, but yeah, I’ve been hearing mixed things about it. I want to hear a final review!

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