Base Building Week 3

My Miami vacation is over, and I’m coming home today. It’s ok though. It was a nice little break from reality, but it was a busy weekend, and I’m looking forward to coming home to my jerk faced cat and regular life. I’ll post pictures of the weekend and the wedding soon, but I’m currently computer less, so for now, let’s talk about running, k?

Sunday marked the end of week 3 of my base building schedule.

Week 3

  • estimated mileage: 22
  • Monday- easy 45 minutes for 4 miles. This was actual a race, the timing just worked out very well
  • Tuesday- easy 15 for 1.3 miles. I wasn’t supposed to run today, but I was feeling all ragey and needed to do something to calm myself down, so I ran. My left knee felt really wonky and considering I had already run Sunday and Monday, I decided to play it smart and move over to the elliptical to continue to get my rage out
  • Wednesday- easy 35 for 3.5 miles. This was a glorious run! I wasn’t sure how my knee would feel, so I started off slow and steady and took it easy for the first half. I was feeling pretty good at the turnaround point, so I set my sights on negative splits and kept my pace under 10 minutes for the entire second half. I finished the last half mile under 9, which I haven’t seen in months. I was flying high.
  • Thursday- long 75 for 7 miles. My goal here was to run for 90 minutes, but I hadn’t really taken a break since Sunday, and I was feeling it. Unfortunately, my body can really only handle 2 days of running in a row before it needs a break, and I pushed it a little too far. My left knee was feeling wonky at the start of the run, and both knees were achey towards the end. So, I cut it short at 75 minutes and came home to foam roll and stretch, and I feel good about that choice.
  • Friday- Rest Dayoriginally I wasn’t sure whether I’d run today or not. I was thinking I might participate in the Runner’s World summer run streak where you run at least a mile a day everyday from Memorial Day through The Fourth of July. I was going strong, but I remembered that my body does not do well running everyday. I get achey and creaky, and my body starts to fall apart. I could be upset about this, but I’m choosing instead to be thankful for what my body can do rather than regret what it can’t. So, I rested and woke up feeling great again.
  • Saturday- 1 easy mile we ran in the Miami heat and rain. Combine that with the fact that we were short on time before some pre wedding activities started, and you get us stopping at the Starbuck’s a mile down the road and walking back to our hotel, iced coffees in hand 🙂
  • Sunday- 3.25 hot and dirty miles.
  • actual mileage- 20.05 miles

Even though i came up short on mileage, this week was much better than the previous two. Honestly, being on vacation, I’m surprised I ran as much as I did. I finally feel like I’m in a groove and hitting my stride. My body just feels better when I run these days. I don’t really know why. It could be the fact that I’m sticking to a schedule. It could be that I’m finally adjusting to the heat and humidity. It could be that I had a few emotional runs (it’s been a stressful and emotionally charged week, and I’ve been working through it on runs) where I’ve really thrown my whole heart into my runs, so maybe that makes a difference? I don’t know really. I always tell new runners that some runs are great and some are terrible with little rhyme or reason, so I guess I’ll just take my own advice on this one and be incredibly thankful that the running gods blessed me with a perfect week of runs.


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