Base Building Week 4

We’ve got weeks  1, 2 and week 3  in the bank, so now, let’s review week 4 of my summer base building plan.

We’re more than halfway through the plan, which means in just two more short weeks we’ll begin officially training for our fall half marathon, which probably means Chris should pick a fall half marathon *wink wink* The anticipation is killing me! Week 4 also means a rest week from building mileage as well as the addition of a hard run. This week called for the first tempo run in a while, and it was …

  • estimated mileage: 18
  • Monday- rest day. We flew back from Miami, and we’re so exhausted from the weekend, a run was not happening. We did manage to run both of the days we were there though, so I’m feeling pretty good about that.
  • Tuesday- ran 31 minutes for 3 miles. We were a bit pressed on time (watch closely, that’s the theme of this week), so we ran as much as we could before I had to turn around and head home for a doctor’s appointment. We talked the whole time, mostly recounting the wedding weekend and other stressors and the talking and venting must have propelled us forward because we maintained an average pace of something like 10:40, which is pretty speedy for an easy run for us. It felt good to get out there and stretch my legs while clearing my mind.
  • Wednesday-rest day. It was National Running Day, so I really wanted to run, but a super huge (and super necessary) grocery run involving 2 stores and 2 trips from car to apartment left me feeling exhausted when I finally got home around 7:30. I’d been feeling really run down all week, and Chris had a crazy long and stressful day at work, so I decided the best course of action would be to skip the run, get dinner going and just relax. Hey! Rest days are an essential part of running, so I kind of still celebrated.
  • Thursday- rest day. Still sick plus early dinner plans with a friend equals no run for Kate.
  • Friday- ran 42 minutes for 4 miles. I was itching for a run on Friday. Even though it’d only been two days off, it I was craving it. I’ve found myself missing my long runs lately, so I guess that means I’m ready for a training plan.
  • Saturday- DNR. Was supposed to run, but DNR. Was supposed to do a tempo run, but got caught up in all the weekend fun. Had a minor breakdown about not doing the run, but Chris reminded me that technically we’re not training right now. He’s right, we’re not. That made me feel better. I’m glad that we’re building a solid base before our fall half marathon training, but I promised myself at the end of the last training plan that I’d enjoy May and June before jumping back into another plan, and I am!
  • Sunday- 40 minute tempo run; 3.75 miles.
  • actual mileage: 10.75

Obviously, I fell short of the mileage. I know I skipped a run in there, but that run would’ve probably been only 4 miles, so I’m not sure where I got my 18 mile estimate from. I wouldn’t have hit that even with the extra run, so I think I must have just copied the mileage from week 2 forgetting that I wouldn’t be taking a long run this week.

There was more non-running than running this week for sure, but I’m ok with that. The theme of this week, as I said, was “we are pressed for time!!!” We came back from Miami on Monday, and my family comes to town this week, so we basically spent the first half of the week recovering/unpacking and the second half preparing/planning. June is going to be a busy one, but it’s filled with good stuff. And I’m blessed not to have a half marathon right around the corner, so I’m hoping that by going easy on myself now, I’ll be more mentally prepared to push myself during “Super Official Training.” Physcially? Welp. That’s another thing entirely.

Week 5 Plan:

  • Monday- Easy 55
  • Tuesday- Off
  • Wednesday- Speed 40
  • Thursday- Easy 45
  • Friday- Off
  • Saturday- Long 90
  • Sunday- Off

Happy Trails!



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