Family Visit!!

Hi there. In case you’re just checking in, June has been crazy!! Last week, my mom and littlest sister, 11 year old, Molly drove all the way up from South Carolina to spend the week with me. My middle sister, 22 year old, Annie flew in to New York from Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday, so I only got to spend the day with her before I left for Orlando to meet Chris for the weekend! Phew! It’s exhausting even typing all that. I hope it made some sense.

From playing hostess, to traveling, it was a lot, but it was really fun!

The first two ladies arrived on Tuesday afternoon in the midst of a lingering rain.

Miles was very confused.

At first he wasn’t sure to think of these two new invaders on his turf.

He kept his distance.

Then Molly fed him (from the table! So much rule breaking occurring, sorry Chris!) and they were fast friends.

They snuggled together all night.

After work on Wednesday, I took my mom and sister to Hoboken (after getting lost on the light rail; who does that??) for some sushi at Sushi House. It’s a delicious BYO (a rarity in this area)

We stopped for Fro Yo, of course

At home we rented and watched I Don’t Know How She Does It. It was the perfect chick flick. Totally cute and very funny.

Originally I had planned to work all day on Thursday as well, but then President Obama came to town. He came to visit the World Trade Center construction site, which I happen to work right up the block from. I guess he’s kind of a big deal 😉 because they closed both the train station where I enter on the New York side AND the train station where I exit on the New Jersey side from 3pm to 6pm. Um, that was sort of a problem for my commute, so I used the opportunity to take a half day and spend some more time with my family. It was perfect. I left at noon and took my mom and both sisters to our favorite, John’s Pizza

So delicious. Everyone agreed. Just look how happy we are

We wrapped the day up with a trip to the mall (how cliche) then the movies to see Madagascar 3, which actually had me dying in the theater. We feasted some more, this time on Mexican from Baja

At home I made it a night pretty early as I had an 8:30am flight to Orlando in the morning, but that’s a story for another day.

It was a quick trip, but I’m so glad I got to see my girls! Can’t wait for the next visit 🙂


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