Base Building Week 6

What’s that you did not say? You’d like to catch up on how base building has been going so far? Well, here you go!

And now, we wrap it up with Week 6

  • estimated: 25 miles
  • Mondayeasy 18 minutes for 1.7 miles. Chris caught a rotten cold (over a week on the road will do that to you), but, being the trouper he is, decided he still wanted to get the lead out after a long day of travel (we got back from Orlando on Monday afternoon). We hit the road aiming for 2 miles, but decided to cut our run short in order to hit the market for some dinner supplies. After several days of intense Florida heat and humidity, our perfect, breezy 70 degree run felt amazing.
  • Tuesday- rest day. I woke up Tuesday morning eager to hold on the relaxed vacation feeling just a little longer. Of course, the day got to me. By the time I got home from work and a two store grocery trip, I was frazzled and tired. It was already 7, so I made the executive decision to skip my run, take my time making dinner, drink some white wine and watch old 30 Rock’s on Netflix all night. It was glorious. I held on to that wonderful vacation glow for one more perfect day.
  • Wednesday- 30 minutes for 2.7 miles.  Sad day. I set out to run for 45 minutes, and was actually feeling pretty good despite the fact that I was on the treadmill because Jersey City is an oven. I hit my stride right away, and got totally lost in the zone. Then, right around minute 27, a nagging annoying if not terribly painful sensation appeared in my right knee. It had been coming and going the whole run, but now it seemed intent on staying. I so badly wanted to power through and finish my run because I was feeling so good, but I decided to be so smart and call it a quits. I’m not training for anything. It would be so dumb to get injured now. It was the right call, but I was grouchy about it.
  • Thursday- rest day. Happy Hour for two good work friends who are leaving for other jobs and other states. It was a bit too happy for me. I guess my driver’s license isn’t wrong. I really am getting older, and now the late nights feel that much later.
  • Friday- rested. Not a planned rest day, but a giant storm came in to break our 3 day heat wave, and we opted to listen to the rain and watch movies all night rather than brave the treadmills.
  • Saturday- 21.75 mile bike ride all over the dang place.
  • Sunday- 70 minutes for 6 heartbreaking miles. Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but this was a brutal run. Even though we tried to hit the road early, the sun was beating down on us. It was hot. I’m not sure whether it the heat, lack of consistency, or some unknown x factor, but I had a lot of trouble hitting my stride. About 3/4 through the run, my chest felt really heavy and tight, and I stopped. It took me a long scary minute to catch my breath, and that was enough to leave me a little shaken. We ran/walked back home and hit an average pace of 11:31, but it was really hard and a bit scary, and it left me more than a little sad.
  • actual: 10.4 miles

I’m struggling to find a way to neatly wrap up this 6 week base building saga. Ultimately, I’m glad I did it. I liked the structure of having a schedule, and I feel like I ran more than I would have otherwise. I definitely didn’t complete all the runs I set out to though, and that leave s me feeling a little defeated, which is not the way I wanted to head into half marathon training. I got a lot of rest, both mentally and physically, and I know that was important, but I’m worried that I may not be prepared for upcoming 20-25 mile training weeks. I’ve never trained for two half marathons in one year before, so I’ve never had this sort of limited down time in between. Basically, I have nothing to compare this too, so it’s hard to evaluate it fully. I think, in the future, I would set more realistic goals for myself (like running 3 times a week instead of 4 and committing to a long run of 60 minutes without increasing every week), so I could feel both challenged and accomplished.
We still haven’t decided on a fall half marathon, but we’re trending towards late September/early October, which still gives us like 14 weeks at this point. We really only need 12 weeks to train, so I may just take this next two weeks to clear my head and use what I know about myself and running to get back into my comfort zone. I know I can’t really run more than 2 days in a row without needing a rest day. I know that more than 4 runs a week puts me in my injury zone. I’m going to try to remember those things and just run the runs that feel good.

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