Weekly Workout Wrap Up

  • Monday- 7.75 mile bike ride. After crazy storms all day long, the skies cleared, so we took the bikes out and rode through giant puddles. Wet and dirty, but fun.
  • Tuesday- the free yoga that wasn’t. I met a couple of girlfriends in Hoboken for what was supposed to be free yoga on Pier A. It was supposed to be from 7-8, so we got there at 6:45… and waited… until 7:20, when some poor girl had to walk around telling everyone (there was quite a crowd) that yoga was cancelled. We packed up and went for wine and appetizers instead. Not the worst evening ever, that’s for sure.
  • Wednesday- the yoga that was! I believe I’ve been saying I’ve got to get to yoga for two months now, and I finally did it last night! It was awesome rooftop sunset yoga, which is pretty much as serene as it sounds. 

  • Thursdayran 2 miles in 23 minutes. Don’t quote me here, but this may be the start of our official fall half marathon training plan. We still haven’t **officially** picked a half yet, but I plugged 9/30 as a tentative date into the Runner’s World Smart Coach, and it spit out a lovely 13 1/2 week training plan starting today. We had planned on running today anyway, so we figured we’d go with the plan. 2 hot and sticky miles at a very leisurely 11:45 pace. My hamstrings were still burning from yesterday’s yoga, and we were feeling chatty, so we took it nice and easy.
  • Friday- rest day. We had a friend’s birthday party that evening at 11 pm, which is already about an hour past my bed time, so I told Chris that if we ran, I’d probably fall asleep at the bar. Since an unconscious girlfriend is not a good look, Chris agreed to take me to dinner and feed my an IV drip of Red Bull instead of running. That was probably a good choice. I made it, barely.

  • Saturday- biked 14.5 miles on a beautiful (and hilly) North Jersey trail. After the previous night, we were certainly not making it up and out the door early enough to run (we had a high approaching 100*) on Saturday, so we biked instead! We’d found the gorgeous Saddle River Trail during the winter when we were looking for creative places to do our long runs. It’s 6 miles out and back (12 miles total), but it connects a series of small parks, so we figured it’d be a great place to take the bikes and explore. We were right. It was hot, but not so bad on the bikes. We exhausted ourselves then headed to my Mecca, Whole Foods, to refuel. Perfect day. We will definitely be going back soon.

  • Sunday- ran 7 miles. Honestly, I’m surprised my tired legs could even pull this off, but I was so happy to not have the same ridiculous chest pains I was feeling last week, that I just kind of kept going. I found myself awake at 5:30 on Sunday, but stupidly picked two hours of stop and go sleep over just getting up and running. That was a mistake. I left the house at 8:20, and it was already 78*. When I got home at 10, it was in the nineties. Just brutal, oppressive heat, but the run was good, and the post run cold shower was better.

So, in summary I:

  • ran 9 miles
  • biked 22.25 miles
  • yoga’d 60 minutes

It’s funny, when I was focused on base building, I felt like if the conditions weren’t right for a run, I just wouldn’t do anything. Once that ended, I realized that just because I can’t run doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do anything. This week turned out so much more varied, active and fun than the last few weeks have been on the workout front. I’m hoping I can remember this as I head into half marathon training part 2 in the coming weeks. Being able to stick to my running schedule 100% would be great, but if I can’t make a run, I’ll feel better doing something else than nothing at all. Seems obvious, but I guess I just had to experience it first hand.


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