Happy Friday! Chris comes home from London tonight!

Yep, that London.

I don’t like to talk about when he’s gone for safety reasons, but he’s been there since Sunday morning. It was a last minute work trip (he works for an international company, and part of his team is in the UK) that he found out about on the Thursday before, so things were a bit hectic around our way last weekend.

I know he was really bummed about missing Independence Day. You know what they call the Fourth of July in London? Wednesday. But in all seriousness he said his coworkers took him to an “American” pub where he had “Texas BBQ” so at least they tried.

We celebrated here with a flag cake and the cutest pupster around.

Chris’ parents’ dog Bella. She’s like a little doll.

Chris’ mom made 85 pounds of food, as usual, and sent me back with a shopping bag full of leftovers for Chris. It’s hard to say whether he’s more excited for me or said leftovers. It’s probably better I don’t think too much about it.

Anyway, this week the apartment has been very quiet without him around, and I’m very much looking forward to having him back! I know a certain someone who is also very excited

The monster has been missing him so much he doesn’t even get up in the morning. Or maybe he’s just lazy.

Probably lazy. Either way, we’re just giddy with excitement to see our favorite person again. I hope you’ve got something (or someone) fabulous to look forward to this weekend. Have a great one!


3 thoughts on “Cheerio!

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