Weekly Work Out Wrap Up 7/15

Good morning! We had a great week and a great weekend, which included another beautiful wedding. I’ll share a few pictures soon, but for now, here’s how things looked on the activity front last week.

  • Monday- rest day after Sunday’s long run.
  • Tuesday- 2 easy miles in 21 minutes. Chris met me in the city after work to shop for a suit to wear to Saturday’s wedding. Since Chris has been in every wedding up until this point, I think it slipped his mind that when you’re just a guest, you don’t get a uniform. We shopped and shopped until he settled on a nice dark grey suit, white shirt with blue stripes and a sky blue tie. He looked very handsome. We came home kind of tired, but decided a quick two miler would be a good way to get the lead out.

  • Wednesday- 3 early morning miles in 30 minutes. I met up with my neighbor/buddy for a quick morning session. It was nice because I felt faster than last time, but even at 6:30 the humidity was brutal. 60 minutes of yoga in the evening. Last night, I did rooftop sunset yoga again, and it was wonderful again. The weather had cooled significantly by 7:30, and the sunset was breathtaking. I know I’m not at all the first to say this, but I can’t believe what just one little hour of yoga a week does for my mind and body. I feel refreshed and balanced, and I love it.
  • Thursday- biked 6 miles. Chris and I weren’t really sure what to do on Thursday night. We wanted to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, but by the time we were ready to actually go outside, we weren’t feeling a run, so a bike ride sounded perfect. We followed the water to Hoboken, but I guess everyone had the same idea we did because it was crazy crowded out. I spent the entire ride dodging kids and dogs, so it wasn’t very enjoyable, but we did get to catch a few minutes of an outdoor concert in Hoboken, and it was nice to get outside.
  • Friday- rest day. We met friends in the city for dinner at La Marca on Friday night and ended up walking from 22nd street down to the World Trade Center to catch the PATH back to New Jersey, so I’m gonna call that 2 miles walked?
  • Saturday- ran 3.3 miles. Chris surprised me by wanting to go for a run, so we got a very muggy three miles in before lunch. Those miles were supposed to help offset the caloric damage we’d be doing later at the wedding, but the food was so good, I’m pretty sure our run didn’t even make a dent.
  • Sunday- biked 7 miles. Once we finally made it out of bed in the morning, after the previous night’s festivities, we biked through Liberty State Park with the intentions of biking a few more miles along the waterfront, but the rains came and cancelled our plans. Oh well. All the more time to relax.

In total:

  • ran 8 miles
  • biked 13 miles
  • walked 2 miles
  • yoga’d 1 hour

I hope your week was just as wonderful!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Work Out Wrap Up 7/15

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