Another summer weekend, another wedding in the books

This Saturday Chris and I had the great fortune to celebrate the beautiful wedding of our friends Katie and Tyler. With our last wedding in Miami and our next in Germany, we were thrilled at the chance to be able to celebrate a wedding in our own state! This was also the only wedding of the summer that Chris was a guest rather than a groomsman in, so I especially enjoyed the quality time with the best date in town.

Our friends Travis and Laura joined us again, and we all had a really wonderful time celebrating. The ceremony was beautiful with both the bride and the groom (and me) getting choked up during their vows. Their families were just as thrilled about the nuptials, and we were all so glad we got to be a part of the moment.

The ceremony was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the live full band was out of this world. We had a great time and came home exhausted and happy.


PS- in case you’re wondering about the state of another union (rough transition, I know), Miles and Moshi have made amazing strides and are officially best friends.

(please excuse our couch, the animals have taken over our home)

I think Moshi is going to be really happy with us.

We’re pretty fond of him too.


I hope your weekend was wonderful too!


2 thoughts on “Another summer weekend, another wedding in the books

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