Weekly Wrap-up: new jersey to new york to new jersey again

Monday- rest day. I actually really wanted to run on Monday. It was a stressful day at work, and I was looking forward to leaving some aggression out on the pavement. Unfortunately, my head had other plans. On my commute home, I got hit with a pounding headache (what it feels like when you stand up too fast) and just couldn’t shake it. It stormed later that night, so I’m thinking it was weather related. Oh well. I guess I needed the rest.

Tuesday- free outdoor yoga for 1 hour. I was able to cajole more than a few friends into coming to yoga with my Tuesday, and it was nice to catch up with my small crowd. Yoga was no joke, though. Last week’s yoga was very flowy with an emphasis on stretching, but Tuesday’s was plank after plank. It certainly felt like every other pose was a plank pose. I’m not complaining, but my abs were.

Wednesday- 4 early morning miles. After an hour of yoga plus a few hours of drinks and dinner with the crew afterwards, I didn’t find myself in bed until after 11 (10:30 is usually pushing it for me), so I wasn’t really thrilled about waking up to run. Luckily, I had a friend waiting for me, so I didn’t have a choice. If I had, I would have definitely gone back to bed. I don’t usually like running with other people, but I can say that probably more than 40% of my morning runs would not have happened if the threat of standing someone else wasn’t hanging over my sleepy head. It’s true what they say, there is accountability between workout partners.

I’m glad I made the run because it was a beautiful morning. Lately, even our early morning hours have been plagued with too hot temps and high humidity, but Wednesday morning was cool and breezy. It was so nice, in fact, that our 3 miles became 4 miles, and I was late for work. Sorry I’m not sorry, work.

Biked 7 miles. It was such a beautiful day Wednesday, that I had to get back out after work. Chris and I took the bike for 7 breezy miles along the waterfront. It was a perfect way to stretch out my legs and end the day.

Thursday- ran 3 miles with ma man. It was humid, but we did it, and we’re getting faster every day!

Friday- ran 3 miles in the very early morning. I had dead legs from the day before, but it was nice to get some mileage in before the weekend fun started.

We started our weekend off with a bang on Friday night by watching the Olympic opening ceremonies. I thought it was impressive and a little odd, but I mostly just loved the Parade of Nations. Watching anything that has to do with geography/foreign affairs with Chris is AMAZING. He not only knows the location of every country in the world, but he can tell you each nation’s capital, neighboring nations, sovereign leader, style of government and other historical and current facts. What’s even more impressive is his  job that has very, very little to do with foreign affairs; he just has a sponge like memory for these things. I am embarrassingly uninformed about geography. I can’t even fill out a blank map of the US (I have been practicing though! I’m getting better), so I especially appreciate any gems I can absorb. Example: Did you know that the nation Tuvalu makes a lot of money every year by selling their top level domain (.anything is a top level domain. each country is assigned one. the US is .us, obvi, but Tuvalu’s is .tv)?? I did not, but now I do, and now so do you!

Eventually, we peeled ourselves away from that visual feast to head over to Surf City. I’d gone before, but only for happy hour, so it was interesting to see what it was like in prime time. Chris and I went with our neighbors, and I think everyone had a good time. It had a good turn out, but the place is really big, so it never felt crowded. Their beer selection is still a little lacking, but it’s a new place, so I’ll give them some time to catch up before passing final judgment. No matter, we got to hang out by the water watching the boats sway in the harbor and getting to know new friends, so it ended up being a great night.

Saturday- rest day. After our fun, late night, a Saturday rest day was perfect. We slept in, hung out with the boys and got some work done around the house.

Later that day, we went way up to the Upper West Side to meet our friends Steph and Umair for Steph’s birthday celebration. It was at the diviest dive bar I’ve been to in a while, but I have to say, the Ding Dong Lonuge was a really good time. Sometimes, you just need to drink beer out of a can while playing quarter pool.

Sunday- biked 33 miles! Sunday was such a fun day. We love taking our bikes into the city, but it’s sort of a pain when you have the lug your bike on the PATH train, so when our neighbors told us that there’s a ferry that runs between our neighborhood and the World Financial Center, we knew we had to check it out. It was awesome. It’s the Little Lady ferry, and for $7, it will take you and your bike from our backyard to NYC in about 10 minutes. Amazing. Once there, we followed the West Side Highway up to Central Park and through Harlem to the George Washington Bridge. We rode up and over the bridge and back to New Jersey. On our side we briefly checked out Palisades Park before following the Hudson River down through Edgewater and into Hoboken. Once there, we stopped at our very favorite, Vito’s Deli for some out of this world chicken cutlets before making the final trek to Jersey City, where I promptly face planted on the couch. All told, it was 33 miles, and it was so, so fun, but as I sit here typing (and watching Breaking Bad) one thing is made abundantly clear. I need some padded bike shorts stat.



  • ran 10 miles
  • biked 40 miles
  • yoga’d 1 hour

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