Weekly Wrap Up 8/5

Monday- rest day. Monday was just awesome. We took advantage of Hudson Restaurant Week (sorry, it’s over now) by visiting 3 Forty Grill in Hoboken with our friends (and neighbors!) Debbie and Mike. It was such a blast. I usually always do New York Restaurant Week when it comes around, but I generally find myself at a restaurant I’ve never heard of before and will probably never visit again; there are just so many restaurants in that city! With Hudson Restaurant Week, I get to visit restaurants in my own backyard that I hear about or see constantly but for whatever reason never try. Usually, there places I don’t try because they’re pricey, so when the deal is a 3 course meal for $35, I’m all over that.

3 Forty Grill did not disappoint. Originally, we settled on it because Debbie and Mike are vegetarians, and 3 Forty’s offerings (the participating restaurants generally provide a limited menu) were most vegetarian friendly. The ambiance is beautiful. It’s situated almost directly on the water, but we didn’t sit outside because it was actually a little chilly! The inside is dark and romantic and very trendy.

Our server was so friendly and attentive. Our wine was delicious, and the food was outstanding. I started with a tomato soup that came with miniature goat cheese grilled cheeses. I, not so delicately, removed the cheese from the bread and swirled it into my soup. It was creamy and tart and everything a tomato soup should me. For dinner, I had the seafood risotto which came with lobster, scallops, shrimp and mascarpone cheese. It was smooth and totally decadent. Dessert was called Death by Chocolate. I don’t think I really need to explain what made that so great.

I told Debbie I’d be up for a morning run if she was interested the following morning, but when I realized I wouldn’t be getting into bed until after midnight, I promptly thought better of it and turned my early alarm off. Worth it.

*Jersey City is in Hudson County (on the Hudson River) by the way, if you’re not from the area and wondering what the heck I’m talking about.

Tuesday- ran 3 miles. Ever since Chris came home from London, he’s become a fast runner. He spent some time with an ultramarathoner out there, and I’m thinking he caught the bug because he’s been sort of  a firebrand when we run together lately.

After spending most of Tuesday night’s run about a foot behind him, I decided to see how far I could push him, so I kept upping my pace. He kept speeding up to stay just ahead of me. I see what you’re doing. I told him it was on and tried to jet ahead for our last half mile. He kicked it into gear and started really smoking me. I managed to snag the inside curve on our last turn before the straightaway to our apartment, so we managed to finish in stride, but had it not been for my little edge, he would have beaten me handsomely. It was an awesome run. It was one of those runs that feels more like play than work, and my Garmin was registering a speed of 6:45  minutes/mile when we finished our run. Consider me schooled!

Wednesday- rest day. In lieu of a run, I drank wine. Wednesday, I visited a new to me place in my neighborhood that I walk right past on my way to work every morning. Satis was one of those places that left me saying, “I really should have come here sooner.” It’s a restaurant with an attached wine bar. I didn’t visit the restaurant, but the wine bar is really well done. It’s set below street level, so it has a wine cellar feel to it, and it’s very classy and trendy. They have a great selection of wine (duh) but I also saw some very beautiful cocktails pass by. I’m a wine lover myself, so I stuck to my standard Malbec, and it was lovely. They also give you a very generous pour for $8, so some of my good feelings may have been due to that. I didn’t partake in the menu, but a few of the girls I was with got cheese plates, which came with an abundance of cheese as well as bread, olives, and spreads, also a very good deal for $8. The bartenders are friendly; the crowd is pleasant to be around. I will definitely be visiting Satis again. Also, this is unrelated, but the sunset on Wednesday night was ridiculous, so here you go…

Thursday- ran 3 miles. A small part of me regretted Wednesday nights wine consumption. It was a very small part though. A much bigger part of me is very nervous for when I have to adhere to a half marathon training plan and curtail my semi reckless ways in favor of non hungover runs. Anyway, that’s a worry for another day. For now, I’ll say this run was very pleasant. I was exhausted and slightly dehydrated, but the miles really just slipped away. I honestly don’t remember anything we said or saw on the run, but when we finished in our fastest time yet, I was pleasantly surprised. Thursday evening I left Jersey City for a little weekend of peace and quiet in the Pocono Mountains.

Friday- ran 3 crazy hilly miles in the Poconos. My quads were burning!

Saturday- 5 more crazy hilly miles followed by tons and stretching and icing. We passed one tractor, some goats and a donkey, and that was a busy day!

Sunday- sweet sweet rest for my poor sore legs.

Any week when I can run in two different states and consume about as many glasses of wine as miles run is a good week, but after skipping yoga this week and all those rolling hills, I’m ready for a good stretch (and maybe another glass of wine).


14 miles run

nothing else.

remember when I was well rounded for a hot minute?


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