Poconos Weekend!

As I mentioned, Thursday evening a couple girlfriends and I drove out of Jersey City for a peaceful girls weekends at a beautiful cabin in the Poconos.

Debbie, Meg and I drove about 2 and a half hours northeast to meet up with 5 other ladies for 3 nights in the mountains. The cabin was stunning inside and out.

The house was very new, clean and spacious. We were definitely not roughing it on this camping trip.

We were very secluded. I’ll admit that it freaked me out at first. I can’t remember the last time prior to this weekend when I was completely without a cell phone signal. Driving down dark, dirt roads at night was creepy, but once we awoke to the sun coming up over the mountains and saw our outstanding view, I changed my mind and decided that a little seclusion and disconnection are necessary every so often.

We purposefully kept our days open. We, like most women, are a group of planners. We organize our lives and the lives of those around us most of the time, so it was refreshing and relaxing to wake up with nothing to do. Don’t worry, we managed to fill our time just fine. Cameron and I began our day on Friday with a 3 mile run that certainly felt like it was uphill both ways. If we had doubted whether or not we were truly in the mountains before our run, when we came back red faced and soaking, we were sure. The hills were so intense that we barely even spoke to each other, but the scenery was enough entertainment for me. Giant trees, lush fields and the occasional cow took some of the sting out of my burning quads (and lungs).

After our run, Cameron made a ridiculously delicious gourmet quiche with sun dried tomatoes, basil and fresh mozarella. It hit the spot. We had enough girls to assign one girl to each meal of the weekend, and having 95% of my meals cooked for me by these amazing chefs was a real treat.

Later in the day, we decided to look for a hiking trail and explore the town a bit. We never did find a trail, but we found an outdoor sculpture garden that was impressive but unkempt. It didn’t make for a great walk, but it did make for some fun pictures.

It’s funny how things that seem so spooky in the dark are actually quite beautiful in the light of day.

The mountains provided the perfect backdrop for our walk.

We made our way into town and did some more exploring along the river and a little antiquing.

The rest of our day was spent relaxing, reading, napping and eating. Lots and lots of eating. Debbie made us a delicious vegetarian chili for dinner, and many glasses of wine were enjoyed, but the fun didn’t end there. That night, we gathered around our firepit (which, I might add, I was absolutely no help in building) to make the ultimate camping staple, s’mores!

The next day we decided to go on another hilly run. I blame the crisp mountain air for making me think my sore legs deserved another beating on those hills. This time, we hit 5 miles and made a few farm friends along the way.


I tried capturing the constant incline, but agony is hard to memorialize.

We rounded the weekend out with more delicious meals, more wine, lots of Olympic cheering, board games and good talks. It was hard saying goodbye to our little mountain retreat yesterday morning, but we left as the rain rolled in, so we felt as if we’d used up all the fun that was meant to be had.

Coming back to work today was not a picnic, but I do feel more refreshed, and I have 7 lovely ladies, 3 perfect days and a gorgeous cabin in the woods to thank for that.




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