It’s indie (rock and roll) to me

Sorry for that. Ever since Chris told me he got us tickets to see an indie film, I’ve had that Killer’s line stuck in my head.

Moving on. Last night, Chris and I joined our friends Val and Jimi for the opening night of a 7 day indie film festival in Chelsea. It was a real blast. There’s just no other way to describe it.

We all met up after work for a quick dinner (salad at Lenny’s, not the best, not the worst) before heading over to 23rd between 8th and 9th. The film was shown at the School of Visual Arts Theater with both a pre and post wine party. The wine was provided by Brancott Estate, which I had never heard of, but was very good.

There was a pretty big crowd for the small theater, but we managed to squeeze into the bar before too long, and as soon as I had wine in my hand, I was feeling much more excited for the whole thing.

Opening night featured a short film called Old Man, which was basically just a recording of Charles Manson’s insane ramblings from a prison phone call set over an animated back drop. It was hard to totally enjoy Manson’s crazy talk considering he’s a verified psychopath and convicted murderer, but after several minutes of truly nutty diatribes, I did laugh if only because it was so crazy. Not my favorite, but the animation was very good.

After that odd start, we were all a little nervous for the full length feature, but almost right away, the movie pulled us in and had us totally hooked. You know how movie promoters always say, “It’s a little film with a big heart” or something to that effect, and it always sounds so cheesy? Well, that was really the case with Missed Connections! It actually had a really big heart. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this was hands down the best rom-com (so not my favorite genre) I’ve seen this year, and possibly for a lot longer than that.

Missed Connections revolves around the infamous psuedo dating site where city dwellers can submit moments experienced with strangers in the hopes that doing so will give a lost opportunity a second chance. In the film, lawyer Lucy turns to the site to track down a guy who turns out to be completely wrong for her while the right one, IT guy, Josh, has been there the whole time. It sounds cliche, but the story is well told, the characters are exceedingly funny and original, and I left the theater smiling from ear to ear.

I’m not sure if you can find this film anywhere in theaters or online, but if you can, I strongly recommend watching it. It was seriously so well done.

On a side note, I immediately recognized one of the characters in the movie, Malcolm Barrett, from a short lived ABC show that I think only I watched called Better Off Ted.  It’s on Netflix now, and I’m recommending you watch it too because it’s also funny and charming. When I saw him after the premiere, I was definitely starstruck. Very fun.

Also very fun, the tiniest cupcakes I have ever seen served after the movie.

Sorry for the blurry/overexposed shot, I was trying not to hold up the flow of traffic out of the theater.

So, that was my super exciting Wednesday night. We even made it home by 10:30, which is still way past my “school night” bed time, but it was worth it.

If you’re in the area, the festival goes on for 6 more films, and I highly suggest checking it out.



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